“the dreams that you wish will come true…”

it’s sunday and i want to make this quick…my pillow and the quiet house are screaming at me to take a long nap before the girls wake up.  🙂

on friday afternoon, i called ryan and told him that i’d been thinking i wanted to give harper her first movie night.  he stopped on his way home from work and picked up cinderella.  i was super excited about harper seeing this movie because she’s been in the princess-obsession stage for about a month now and i knew that she would LOVE seeing cinderella on tv (so far we’ve just read books about princesses).  i kept telling her that she needed to be really good because when daddy came home he was going to bring her a super cool surprise.  when ryan walked in, i remided harper that he had a surprise for her and she ran up to him and asked him what it was.  he said, “well, i do have a surprise for you, but first i have one for mommy.”  i looked up and he had some wood floor samples in his armload of stuff (we’re most likely putting wood down in the next few weeks, but that’s another post).  i thought, “oh cool, floor samples, that is a fun surprise.”  (no, seriously, i really was excited…sad as that may be.)  then, ryan handed me a package wrapped in brown paper.  my birthday’s not for another month, so it took me totally off guard and i thought maybe it was like a case of resee’s cups or something.  🙂  i opened it and this is what i saw:

after i opened it, this is what i said: “AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!”  i haven’t been that excited probably since i found out i was pregnant with layne.  i’ve been wanting a small point & shoot camera for about 2 years now and i’ve made sure that ryan heard about it constantly.  i am constantly in situations where i wish i had a camera with me, but wouldn’t dare take my big “professional” camera (i.e. the beach, the playground, the pool).  ryan has heard many times about failed photo opps because i was camera-less or was at home and didn’t have the time to get down the big backpack, pull out the camera, put on the right lens, blah, blah, blah.  i am SO excited and i love that he gave it to me a month early because there are alot of things coming up that i’ll want to use it for (not to mention the fact that he COMPLETELY caught me off guard).


harper absolutely LOVED the movie, like i knew she would.  it was really cute to watch.  we put her in a highchair in front of the tv to eat her dinner, but she wouldn’t take her eyes off the screen even for a second to look down at her food.  we had to keep reminding her to eat.  🙂  now the only problem is that she wants to watch it again…and again…and again.  i’m a little nervous about the other princess movies because they all have a pretty scary element to them…i think we settle for cinderella’s evil step-mother a few more times before we move on to any beast or octopus or mean witch.

off to take a nap!


5 Responses to ““the dreams that you wish will come true…””

  1. I love both parts of this story! I imagine her face was a lot like Paul’s yesterday when he was mesmerized by the larger than life Bob and Larry he saw. 🙂 AND, how exciting about your camera! That looks like a newer version of my camera, which I love and which has been going strong for me for almost two years! Yeah for thoughtful husbands! 🙂

  2. I am so excited for you! I seriously think that is the best present Ryan could have got you!! Good job Ryan! Also I don’t know why but it made me tear up a bit when I thought about Harper watching her first princess movie. I seriously have always wanted a little girl to watch Cinderella (my favorite) with, so precious.

  3. yay for you! what a nice early birthday surprise:)


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