I’ve never…

  • liked lobster.
  • been to illinois, massachusetts, new hampshire, vermont, wisconsin, indiana, louisiana, michigan, north dakota, connecticut, iowa, maine, nebraska, ohio, rhode island, deleware, or mississippi.
  • understood cricket.
  • worn/wanted to wear false eyelashes.
  • met a candy bar i didn’t like.
  • pushed a baby out.  🙂
  • understood why people spend so much on a wedding. (has anyone seen that show “yes to the dress”?)
  • stayed up ALL night.
  • been able to do a split.
  • worn stilletos.  i just don’t feel like i can pull it off.

2 Comments to “I’ve never…”

  1. First of all SHorty, you could def pull off stilletos with your cute little feet and perfect calves…but, would you want to is the question. After knowing you for 11 years (wow), I still continue to learn new things about you!! 🙂

  2. how can you not like lobster??? That’s just wrong!

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