i wrote in my last post that i’ve been wanting to put more of a scheduled feel into my day.  last week i took three days to write down everything i did in 15-minute intervals to help me come up with a schedule that suits my needs/habits/etc.  granted, i have a 12-week-old baby who really isn’t on a solid schedule yet, so that will affect the schedule in different ways on different days, but here is a rough sketch of what i’d like my days to look like:

5:30    wake up; feed/burp/change layne; get dressed

6:00    go running (home by 6:30 so ryan can leave for work) or do yoga

7:00    read/quiet time

7:30    make bed/shower/get dressed (again)

8:00    get harper up/potty/dressed; pick up house; start laundry

8:30    feed/burp/change layne; make breakfast

9:00    unload/load dishwasher; laundry; harper brush teeth

9:30    leave the house for the days’ activity (i.e. errands, storytime, mom’s group, etc…)

12:00  home; feed/change/burp layne; put layne to bed; make lunch

12:30  lunch

1:00    harper potty/books/down for nap

1:30    check e-mail/facebook; write a blog 🙂 ; continue laundry; specific chores (i.e. ironing, bathrooms, receipts, etc…different every day); photo editing and/or design work

3:45    feed/burp/change laynie

4:00    harper up/changed/room time for 30 minutes/snack; put clean clothes away

4:30    harper and mommy time (i.e. play-doh, coloring, bubbles, puzzles, etc…different every day)

5:15    pick up clutter; finish any remaining chores

5:30    ryan home/harper time with daddy while i fix dinner

6:00    dinner

6:30    clear table; dishes; layne’s bath

6:45    harper’s bath; dress/feed layne

7:00    layne in bed

7:15    harper dressed/brush teeth/read books

7:45    night, night harper; dishes/clean kitchen

8:00    time with my best buddy! 🙂

9:30    BED! (this is when i should be in bed, but it hardly ever happens) 

after typing this out there’s no way i’m erasing it, but i have to admit that i feel a little exposed and/or embarrassed…not sure why.  be kind with your comments, people.

ps…i just got a second to catch up on one of the blogs i like to read and, oddly enough, joanne is talking about scheduling right now, too.


4 Comments to “schedule.”

  1. this is awesome Katie! I think you’re getting a ton done each day, no need to be embarrassed. It sounds like awfully hard work to me (hence the reason we haven’t gone down that path in life yet!)

    one note though– you could probably save a lot of time if you could get your kids to only go to the bathroom & eat one time a day… haha, jk! 🙂

  2. no need to be embarrased…I’m impressed! I’m looking at the time frame you are giving yourself for some of these activities…I’m in awe 🙂 Good job mom 🙂

  3. umm I was going to do a schedule for myself as well but now I feel that it would be pathetic in comparison 🙂

  4. Ok I just read that schedule and now I need a nap!!!

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