potpourri: not just in a basket in the bathroom

i’ve had alot on my mind this week, but nothing “big” enough that i thought was post-worthy.  so, i’ve decided to clump it all together in one post (which is still probably not post-worthy, but what the hay).

  • harper is growing up too fast.  i realized the other day that she’ll be 2 and a HALF this month.  what the heck?  you know what comes next, right?  THREE!  oh man, i’m not ready for this growing up stuff.  (although i wouldn’t mind it if i could just skip ahead a little bit with laynie…)  she also is absolutely hilarious.  she makes me laugh out loud at least once a day.  today we were in a thrift store and she was trying to get me to follow her to the toy section.  apparently i wasn’t following fast enough because she turned around and said, “mommy, vamanos!  let’s go!”  yesterday i told her that layne was trying to poop so she went over to layne and proceeded to explain to her how to poop and was saying “push it out, yaynie, you have to puuuuuush.”  🙂
  • i am sick of all the sarah palin hoopla.  there.  i said it.  i don’t dislike her, but (please don’t send me mean comments) i just don’t have a whole lot of respect for a woman who isn’t planning on raising her kids for the next 4 years of their lives.  i appreciate that she’s a Christian and loves her husband and all that, but that’s about it.
  • i realize that we are supposed to take care of our bodies/be in shape because it is the temple of the Holy Spirit, but i realized the other day that i excercise and eat right (ha!) for purely selfish reasons.  how do i change that?  comments appreciated because i don’t see how i can desire to be skinny by any other motives but selfish ones.
  • if i ever die in a car accident, i really don’t want one of those government issued white signs (“drive safely”) with fake flowers all over it at the spot where i died.
  • i’ve been waking up early lately and i actually think i…gulp…like it.  it’s still hard for me to wake up, and i do get tired around…uh…now, but i feel like i just get so much more accomplished and i’m ready to face the day after being up and thinking about tasks/goals/appts/etc for 2 hours before harper is up.  also, our neighborhood is nice when it’s quiet and there’s no one around.
  • i’m still watching the cleaner every week on DVR.  benjamin bratt’s character, william, talks out loud to God all the time (it’s kind of like the show’s narration).  why don’t i do that???
  • on tuesday at my church’s mom’s group, our pastor’s wife took some time to speak to us (thank you, cheryl!).  she talked about alot of things, but mostly time management.  one of the books she read about it says that if you want to make a schedule for your life, you should write down what you do for three days in fifteen minute increments.  today is day 3 for me and i have to say it’s been a fun little experiment.  i don’t think that i’m going to make too strict of a schedule for myself, but it’s been kind of fulfiling each night to look back through the day’s activities.  if you are a s.a.h. mom, you know that sometimes you can feel like you’ve accomplished nothing with your day, so it was nice to look back and see what i got done (sometimes it wasn’t much, but my kids are dressed and fed, right?).

7 Comments to “potpourri: not just in a basket in the bathroom”

  1. Love the Harper stories. This is not a mean comment, but I’d much rather have a Mom serving as VP than a real shady man like Biden.

  2. You are so funny. I wish I had enough memory recall to blog about what I have been thinking about for the past week!. You totally need to post your 3-day schedule!! Also I really hope you don’t die in a car accident but if you do I will rip down the sign and flowers for you. lol.

  3. I completely agree about Palin…if I had a blog that is exactly what I would have said…I mean it really bugs me. It is great to be for the people and for helping people with special needs, but she is going to turn around in 4 years and she wont recognize her children!

  4. How much have you people seen Cheney do in the last 8 years? We never hear much about him except when he is sick. Sarah will be with her kids plenty…and I think there are FAR worse parents in the world. She should be the LEAST of our concerns. It’s easy to pick on people in the limelight (I do it to, I know), but I think this could be a lesson to teach all of us to be less quick to judge (and I am talking to myself too).

  5. Katie… I LOVE hearing Harper stories- they crack me up! I love her innocence & randomness. She’s adorable- you guys should be so proud – You two are role-model parents & I mean it! ONE DAY(not any time TOO soon hah)… I’ll come to you with all my mommy questions 🙂

  6. Loved the blog today…that’s all I’m gonna say..just that I loved it. 🙂

  7. Amypaul – You go girl ! ! ! !

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