i love myself.

HA.  not really.  i mean, i do have a healthy self-respect, but i’m not conceited.  at any rate, this is just a response post to last tuesday’s top ten.

ten things i don’t mind enjoying about myself:

  • i’m blunt (sometimes this can get me into trouble, but i think i’d rather be blunt/honest all the time than sketchy any of the time).
  • i’m athletic.
  • i’m hardworking.
  • i’m outdoorsy.
  • i’m creative.
  • i’m sarcastic (supposedly this isn’t always a good thing…)
  • i am fearfully and wonderfully made by our awesome, gracious God.
  • i like the color of my eyes.
  • i like my hair (not every second of every day, but it’s healthy and relatively easy to manage, so i can’t complain)
  • i’m pretty laid back.

One Comment to “i love myself.”

  1. I love your bluntness (is that a word?) too! Its one of the things I appreciate most about you, I always know you are speaking the truth 🙂

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