“doozie” sounds like the name of a delicious snack cake.

okay, so yesterday (see previous post) totally redeemed itself.  around 4:00, i finally changed out of my pajamas and washed my face and brushed my teeth (after talking to ryan on the phone and crying out of embarrassment when i told him i was still in my pajamas 🙂 ).  about 10 minutes later, harper came into the kitchen with a poopy diaper!  i literally felt like i’d been wearing a backpack and it fell off.  then i got some really sweet pictures of layne sleeping on my bed…helped re-set my perspective a little bit.  when ryan got home we went to the pool.  he and harper swam while laynie and i rocked in one of the chairs.  it was really nice out…cooler than usual…and relaxing (imagine that!).

after dinner, we got the girls to bed and i took off for home goods all by myself!  that was fun A) because shopping is always fun with no kids and B) because i love home goods and don’t mind looking at everything even if i have no money to spend (although i did end up buying a $15 toilet paper stand thingy).  when i came home, it was about 9:20…the perfect time to start watching The Office premiere (it’s the perfect time because that way you miss all the commercials, but still end the show at 10:00).  i was ridiculously excited about it, and it was totally worth it…so hilarious.  pam and jim’s engagement was too sweet and i loved how they caught us (and Pam) off guard with the whole rest-stop thing.  yay!  ryan was saying last night that the writers are so smart to add holly into the mix now that jim and pam’s “drama” is over.  even though michael is a huge dork, everyone loves him and knows he has a good heart and we want him to be happy…thus, everyone will now be rooting for he and holly to get together.  i have to say though, that i love poor andy and i hope that angela doesn’t drag him around for too much longer.  (if you are a fan of The Office and haven’t watched the premiere yet and you’re mad a me for posting this, be mad at yourself for not being a true fan and watching it last night.)


7 Comments to ““doozie” sounds like the name of a delicious snack cake.”

  1. You crack me up. I am a true fan, thus, I got up at 6:45 this morning to watch the premiere before work. 🙂

  2. I am so mad…I am a true fan, but my bible study does come first so I have not been able to watch and now I am so mad I checked your blog to see if you were any better today!!!!

  3. I heart the office too my friend!

  4. Doozie does sound like a treat 🙂 That picture of laynie is so precious!! You should blow it up and put it on the fridge to remind you when she is fussy of how sweet she can be 🙂 It’s like putting up skinny pictures to lose weight, I don’t know, might work.
    Also, I can’t believe we didn’t discuss this part of the show at the beach today because seriously it was SOOO great I love the whole rest stop thing, there is nothing better than when you don’t see it coming!
    sorry for the long comment.

  5. 1. This picture of Layne is precious!
    2. I never really got into the Office… but I’ve seen a few episodes… and recently decided to read up on past seasons and give this season premier a shot. Mike and I watched it last night and were cracking up… we’re hooked! hah

  6. umm.. picture of layne .. so cute!

  7. Katie, thanks so much for your vulnerability and sharing the ups and downs of being a mom. I love hearing about both parts of your journey.

    Office – yes! So great!! Loved it!

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