a doozie.

oh man.  can i just preface this post by saying: if you don’t have kiddos yet, don’t judge me.  if you do and you’re the perfect mom, keep your comments to yourself.  🙂

today is a doozie.  i had my alarm set for 5:30 so i could go running before ryan left for work.  i REALLY hate waking up early, but it’s not that bad when i can sit and feed layne for 10 minutes and be woken up slowly (it’s also great motivation to know that that’s my only time of day to go…it’s 5:30 or never, and i really really want to get rid of this baby fat).  anyway, at 4:30 it was clear that layne wasn’t going to wait another hour to be fed.  so i got up and fed her, figuring she and i would both be back to sleep by 4:50 or so (she’s usually really good about going right back to sleep), and i could get another 40 minutes of precious shut-eye before my phone started vibrating under my pillow at 5:30.  nothing doing.  she was wide awake and smiley after i fed and changed her, so it took me until about 5:20 to get her settled and sleepy again.  i got in bed and decided that i would sleep in and go running after ryan gets home tonight since we’re eating leftovers (i.e. i can run during the time i’m usually cooking).  layne woke me up around 7:45…i couldn’t believe i slept that long, but harper was still asleep so i decided to feed laynie and then hang out on the computer until harper got up (i usually get her up at 8:00, but since she’s been sick i decided to let her sleep).  man i wish i would’ve used that time more efficiently, but our house is so small that i really try to stay very quiet while harper is sleeping and everything i could’ve done (laundry, unloading the dishwasher, etc.) is noisy.  anyway, i finally went in at 9:15 and got her up.  things were fine until about 10:00 when layne woke up from a nap.  yesterday and today she has been SO fussy.  she had 4 vaccines on monday, so i’m sure that’s why, but if you’ve had an infant, you know how absolutely GRATING it can be when they are fussy.  i’m just glad that they’re aren’t cameras in my house (I’M STILL IN MY PAJAMAS!).  i decided around 10:03 that we wouldn’t be going anywhere A) because layne was so fussy and B) because ONCE AGAIN harper hasn’t pooped since monday and i want to stay at home in hopes that she’ll bite the bullet and push it out.  [most days i make it a point to be gone in the mornings as long as i can because i get stir crazy in our house…have i mentioned before how much i wish we had a yard?]  it’s a good thing i decided that because before i knew it, it was noon and i hadn’t gotten anything done except feed layne, change layne, swaddle layne, give layne her binky like 30 times, and beg/bribe harper to poop about 17 times.  ugh.

this post is really alot longer than it needs to be, but i am mostly writing it to vent, and to remind myself in the future that this stage in my life wasn’t always easy or fun (or pretty).

the two errands i really wanted to run were 1) the bank and 2) home goods (to look for something to go on the wall above the couch, due to the complete wall remodeling i’m doing on the house).  around 11:30, in the middle of my frustrations and selfishness, i had to stop and remind myself of what was really important.  why does it matter if i leave the house or how much i get done while in the house?  bottom line:  my job is to be a mother to these PRECIOUS gifts from God and they could care less if i’m in my p.j.’s with stinky breath as long as i’m doing that job to the best of my ability. 

okay, i’m rambling.  i’m off to brush my teeth and *gasp* change clothes and *even bigger gasp* do some ironing. (PS…laynie just woke herself up with a huge poop and seems smiley and happy.  maybe she’s cheering up a bit!  yay!)


One Comment to “a doozie.”

  1. a perfect mom?? Um…do you honestly know of any? YOu are a normal mom Ktron! Yay for you making plans to get up at 5:30 while having a baby that still wakes up at night! I’m proud of you!

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