ten things i hate about you…or me

here are ten things i dislike about myself (don’t worry, i’ll give proof of my high self-esteem in next tuesday’s post):

  • i am easily distracted (not a good quality to have when you’re a restaurant server…i was quite possibly the world’s worst)
  • sometimes judgemental (i stereotype people pretty quickly after meeting them)
  • i am not patient enough (lucky for me, i’m tested on this one several times a day)
  • i can’t stand the red dot (mole) on the bridge of my nose (last time i checked it was $350 to get it taken off…i need to ask around and see if i can get it done cheaper…there’s NO WAY i’m paying more than $100)
  • i really dislike talking on the phone (i wish i liked it so i could get some quality conversation with friends/family who don’t enjoy the computer as much as i do)
  • i love junk food of all sorts
  • since i’ve been a mommy, i’m late ALL the time (apparently, two months after adding another kid into the mix, i’m still in denial that i have to leave at least 10 more minutes ahead of schedule)
  • i really wish i was better at waking up early (i guess i wish i didn’t like staying up late)
  • i have a perpetual desire to buy things (it’s annoying…why can’t i just accept and be grateful for all the blessings i currently have instead of wanting more?!)
  • my prayer life is weak

2 Responses to “ten things i hate about you…or me”

  1. I’ll remove the RED dot for $90.


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