shameless plug.

so…i’ve been doing some graphic design this past year.  well, really, i guess i’ve been dabbling in it since i started my business and we got the computer programs, but now i actually sometimes get paid for the stuff i do.  i am not posting this to brag on myself or show you how awesome i am or whatever else.  i’m posting this because i don’t have a website for my designs and i don’t have the time to set one up and…well…basically i want some more business.  word of mouth has been my best friend so far (for this and for photography), so for all of you reading this, TELL YOUR FRIENDS.  i can copy a design you find somewhere else, or put something on paper that you’ve only seen in your head.  the best part is that i can guarantee you you will save money if you order through me.

here are a few examples of wedding invites/save-the-dates/response cards:


here are some random invitation designs (birthday party, double baby shower, high school reunion, and wedding shower):

i’ve also done a few baby announcements:


i still love photography and of course i’m still donig that, but since adding another child to our family, this is an easy and fun thing for me to get done, while adding a small amount to our income.  if you are interested in having me design something, please comment on this blog or send me an e-mail.


5 Comments to “shameless plug.”

  1. Is this 3 blogs in one day? I’m impressed! Love all your designs!!!!

  2. brag on my friend…you’re so talented!

  3. As always, your designs are great! I will definitely want to do the Christmas cards again, and I wanted to send an e-mail to my friends advertising your cards as well. I got lots of comments on our cards last year. It’s such a blessing to have creativity in the family!

  4. Ok so we REALLY need to hang out sometime. Because I love designing, and I want to get better at photography because i love that too.

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