row row row your boat

a bunch of our friends got together on saturday morning to go canoeing/kayaking on the loxahatchee river.  i wasn’t too stoked about nursing/swaddling/changing a 10-week-old baby while paddling down the river, so layne and i stayed home (i ended up taking everything off the walls of our living area and spackling all the holes to start fresh…but that’s a whole different post).  harper was SO excited.  this was her first time on any kind of a boat and she’s seen canoes on tv before, so i think she kind of knew what to expect.  harper did GREAT.  everyone said she was patient and excited the enitre time.  i was so jealous and sad that i couldn’t be there to experience this first with her, but it was cool that she got to do something special with JUST daddy.  they left around 8 and got home (after having lunch) around 1:00.  a long morning, but they both had a ball.

big thanks to my friend tina who took pictures and e-mailed them to me.



5 Comments to “row row row your boat”

  1. Oh my gosh she looks so big in that kayak! Go Harper!!

  2. You’re welcome! 🙂 I brought my point-and-shoot to take pictures of everyone, but I ended up just taking pictures of Harper b/c she was so stinking ADORABLE! hah

  3. I love it! How fun! Yeah for the pictures!

  4. Now, Come on ladies …

    You all know Ryan is “so stinking ADORABLE, too.

    Although he does look like the sunglasses were photo-shopped.

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