i ripped this off from a blogger i don’t know, but sometimes i love stuff like this (“questions” where your answer could be different every time).

I AM…forgetful.
I WANT…to sell this condo.

I HAVE…a sore thumb.
I KEEP…reminding myself why i can’t have Sonic.
I WISH I COULD…have Sonic.
I HATE…getting up early and then feeling exhausted at 2:11 pm.
I FEAR…that my life will feel chaotic forever.
I HEAR…QUIET.  aahhhhhhh…..nice.
I DON’T THINK…this shirt really fits me yet.
I REGRET…putting it on this morning.
I LOVE…Ryan Michael Hobbie.
I AM NOT…prissy.
I DANCE…with Harper / for Harper every day.
I SING…all the time.
I NEVER…weigh myself.
I RARELY…floss.
I CRY WHEN I WATCH…E-Harmony commercials.  pathetic and dorky, i know.
I HATE THAT…my life feels so chaotic all the time.
I’M CONFUSED ABOUT…why i haven’t cooked a decent meal in like 2 weeks.
I NEED…to get up and put laundry away.
I SHOULD…do one of these once a month.  maybe i will…


4 Comments to “I…”

  1. You should do those once a month – made me giggle and smile!


  2. Love this! My friend Sarah just posted one of these… Fun stuff!

  3. That shirt didn’t look to small.

  4. i want you to sell your condo too …and move to stuart near us:)!

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