home sweet home.

even though i’m a little burnt out on the way things are arranged/hung up and i think i’m going to be switching things around soon…

here are my 10 most favorite things in our little home (you’ll notice many of them have to do with storage.  if you’ve ever lived somewhere small, you understand why functional AND fashionable is so GREAT.):

  • silver trunk – i got this trunk at a garage sale for $5.  yes FIVE DOLLARS.  i couldn’t believe it.  i was ready to fork out at least $20.  when i got it home i accidentally locked it, so ryan had to saw it open and it will never be lockable again, but who cares.


  • jars – these are because i have no pantry and no extra space in the cabinets where i keep all my pantry items.  in them are sugar, flour, snacks, and bibs.  my husband gave me alot of crap when i got these, but now he even loves them.

  • woven baskets – got these at home goods and i LOVE them.  when i was pregnant with layne, i was trying to free up some more storage space in the nursery closet.  here’s where all that stuff went.  it’s everything from my husband’s ever-growing cable collection to paper plates and a coffee maker than i never use.

  • chalkboard – i wanted one of these for a LONG time, but they are always either way too expensive or reasonably priced but cheaply made.  i got this at a thrift store for $0.50 (fifty cents).  i figure who cares if it falls apart when it’s that cheap (although i think it’s tougher than some of the ones i’ve seen in decorating stores).  it’s supposed to be hung horizontally and has a chalk tray on one side, but i still think it’s cute.

  • antique wire baskets (on top of the fridge in the preceding picture)- got these out of my grandma’s attic and i LOVE them.  pretty sure they sell in pottery barn for like $40.
  • red bathroom – painting this bathroom was a ridiculous soap opera that i hope i never have to endure again, but i LOVE the color.  it’s called cherry cobbler.  the picture really doesn’t do it justice…look at the red in the background…that’s more like what it looks like.

  • dollhouse bookcase – my father-in-law built this for harper’s first christmas.  i asked him to build one like one i had seen in a pottery barn catalog and he did it just by looking at the picture and finding out what the dimensions were.  pretty awesome.  i LOVE this bookcase.  it is great storage and looks super cute in the girls’ room.

  • star – i got this 5 years ago at an antique store in havana, ga.  about two months after we hung it up, pottery barn had them in their catalog.  i was ticked.  now you can get them anywhere from pottery barn to old time pottery for like $15.  it bugs me that so many other people have them, but i’m leaving mine up because i had it first.  🙂

  • ken bradshaw poster – i got this for ryan in 1999 when my family went to hawaii.  i know some people might think it’s tacky to be 30 years old and still have a “poster” on the wall, but it’s signed (if you’re ever at my house, look in the bottome left corner).  ken bradshaw is an amazing big wave surfer, and at the time that i bought it, this was the biggest wave ever ridden…now i think laird hamilton has him beat.

  • polka-dot wall – we did this before harper was born.  it’s just one wall in her room that has polka dots evenly spaced painted in a VERY slightly lighter color.  i love it.  the picture on the left is in higher contrast so you could actually see the dots, but the real color of the wall is the one on the right (it’s called grape leaves).


6 Comments to “home sweet home.”

  1. i love everything about your house. 🙂 even on the days it’s “messy.” i love those jars too. and, how about a shout out for your wonderful green dot painting/pattern holding friends, nikki and ap? 🙂

  2. Your home is quite lovely. You’ve done a great job on it. It’s great to enjoy our surroundings!

  3. I’m inspired!

    I’m inspired to do a post about the things I love about my little house… (all 630 square feet of it.) So be on the lookout! 🙂

  4. p.s. your house is sooooooooooo cute! I’ve never seen it before but it sure looks like you’ve done an amazing job!

  5. Are you sure the bathroom walls aren’t blood red, from the REAL thing?

    Where are the glass jars? The wall behind them doesn’t look familar?

  6. My favorite is the chalkboard..which is my I stole the idea 🙂

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