a lollipop and some fabric scissors

harper had her first haircut on wednesday.  don’t think bad of me.  i know she’s only two and a half.  i know that she had beautiful blonde baby curls.  trust me, i know.  those curls were a gift from the Lord… something i’d always wanted.  i think they’re gone forever, and i’m not kidding.  i’m sad about it, but she seriously needed a haircut.  it was turning into some frizzy/straight/curly/uneven mess.  ryan finally gave in, so i had to jump at the chance before he changed his mind.  i cut alot off and seriously, even though i really wanted to do it, it KILLEd me to see those curls hit the floor.  still, she is a beautiful little girl (i’m not biased) and i think she’d look cute with a buzz cut, so i think she looks cute.  here are some before and afters:


(sadly, this smile was not for me…she was watching Little Bear and didn’t even know i was taking her picture.)

ps.  after i was done cutting hers, she told me loudly that now it was her turn to cut my hair.  🙂  um…NO.


6 Comments to “a lollipop and some fabric scissors”

  1. i love it! and i would like to see her cut your hair. that is hilarious.

  2. I think she should cut your hair also. I can’t decide which is more precious; Harper or her haircut.

  3. Yay you found the pics!! She is so stinkin’ cute curls or not! I love that one of her holding her lollipop so perfectly 🙂

  4. how brave of you to cut her hair!! at least it’s even!! she looks so cute with it short. and it does look cleaner cut!! As always…she is adorable!

  5. I think it looks cute short. But, I am very particular toward short hair……..

    i miss that little girl alot.

  6. Cute Ktron! You did a great job. I love her little haricut! I think the curls will come back…when the boys were little, my MIL told me that cutting their hair would make it thicker and healthier…but then again, my boys had had at least 10 haircuts before their first birthday. 🙂

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