top ten reasons i’m obsessed with Sonic

i haven’t had it in like 2 weeks and probably won’t have it for about 6 more weeks.  ugh.  i miss it and therefore wanted to write a piece of remembrance.

10) the ice

9) grilled cheese

8) tater tots

7) styrafoam cups (i know that they take like 1000 years to biodegrate, but i LOVE them)

6) cheeseburger (i even love the way they wrap them.)

5) route 44 (aka sonic’s version of the “big gulp”)

4) slushes of any flavor

3) hot fudge sundae

2) strawberry limeade (with real limes)

1) the ice!!!

i’m anticipating comments like, “ice isn’t a sweet and has no calories”, but i’m not going there just to get a cup of water.  it’s like going and trying on clothes at your favorite store when you know you have no money to buy them.  so, save the comments that say anything about going there and not getting something sweet or carbonated.


4 Comments to “top ten reasons i’m obsessed with Sonic”

  1. You should just go there and get water…sorry couldn’t resist! I have been waiting for this list!!! I totally agree but I think the grilled cheese would be higher on my list 🙂

  2. seriously…now I have to get in my car and drive .96 miles to the nearset sonic to get me all ofthe above list! Appreciate the 4,000 calories I am now gaining! Darn you Sonicy goodness!!

  3. Yummm Sonic! I’ve never had their grilled cheese- i’m thinking that after you and Kathleen talking it up, I need to try it out! Grilled cheese doesn’t count as a sweet Katie 🙂 haha Okay… so maybe it’s not the healthiest

  4. I love how when you deny yourself of something you can’t help but daydream and fixate on it until you can get some!

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