McCain was right!


Layne slept through the night last night!!  (cue a blaring Hallelujah chorus) 

(Charlene, don’t hate me!)  She was really gassy when it was time for us to get to bed (around 10 pm), so i swaddled her and put her in her vibrating chair.  I woke up around 2:45 and couldn’t believe she hadn’t woken up yet, because she usually nurses around 1:00 every night.  I laid there for a few minutes, wide awake, and eventually fell back to sleep.  i heard her poop once and stretch a few times, and a few times i put her binky back in but she never so much as whimpered.  i woke up again around 5:15, feeling super rested.  i decided to wake her up so i could go running (i’m going to try to do that alot before ryan leaves for work).  i woke her up, fed her, changed her, and laid her back down (praying she’d sleep soundly while i was gone because i never woke ryan up to tell him i was leaving).

who needs coffee?

after i got dressed, i practically skipped down to the stairwell.  i hadn’t been running in about 6 months and i couldn’t wait.  i was giving myself a pep-talk about not paying attention to the jiggling spare tire when i opened the downstairs door only to find it pouring down rain.  my first instinct was to go back upstairs, but then i thought, “no, it’s not even 6 in the morning and you’re wide awake and dressed.  don’t even think about turning around.”  so, i took off.  ya’ll, it was a tropical storm…hanna, i’m assuming….super windy and rain blowing in my face.  i have to be honest, I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT.  it felt so good to be running again and, amidst all the weather tom-foolery, i could barely hear myself breathing.  that was good because i’m pretty sure i was about to hyperventilate.  🙂  anyway, i made it home and was stretched out and in the shower before ryan even got up.  i doubt that’ll happen very often, but it was nice this morning.  i’m tired right now (7:00 am), but there’s no way i’m going back to sleep again just to be woken up by harper in 45 minutes.  maybe i’ll take a nap during naptime…



5 Comments to “McCain was right!”

  1. Yay for laynie!!!!!

  2. Haha… I love that you still went running in the pouring rain. I can totally relate. Way to go girl!

  3. Yeah! I’m so happy for you!! And happy for your happiness about running. I wish I could love it. 🙂

  4. An apple doesn’t fall far from the tree … running at six in the a trpoical storm works for me.


    OH! Just so you know, I am starting at 206 for the “ten less by your birthday” challenge.

    Hey, What do you and all of your “girl-friends” think about Sarah Palin …. She’ll be a great President don’t you think?

  5. haha! i cant believe you ran in that rain:) yay for you! .. ryan, bruiser, and i got caught in a downpour once and i practically peed on myself, laughing so hard, trying to run back to the house. i dont know how you did it!:) way to go!

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