labor day

and i don’t mean the holiday that everyone considers the official end of summer.

warning: this post is not for the faint of heart, short of attention span (it’s long), or weak of stomach.

sometimes harper has a hard time pooping.  she’s at a stage where she doesn’t like the feel of it in her diaper, yet she’s not ready to go on the potty.  also, sometimes when she’s stressed or if we’re really busy, she holds it.  for days.  this time around she was at our good friend nicole’s house for the weekend.  she loves nicole and nicole adores her and they had a great time, but harper decided not to poop while whe was there for three days.  i sent fiber one bars and raisins for her to eat just because i know she has a tendency to “withold”…i figure the fiber will make it so that she can’t do anything to stop the course of nature.  boy was i wrong.  as of yesterday, she still hadn’t gone…after FIVE days.  on tuesday, two days ago, i noticed her grimacing and tensing up, but i just assumed she was trying to go…not the opposite.  i gave her a children’s laxative that had worked perfectly for us before……nothing.  yesterday it became apparant that she was trying as hard as she could to avoid pooping.  we gave her another dose of the laxative…..still nothing.  so, i called the pediatrician’s office and the nurse suggested glycerine suppositories (lots of fun!).  didn’t work.  twice.  she pooped out the suppository both times, but JUST the suppository.  every time she’d get the urge to poop it was SO sad.  she would cry and moan and squeeze her legs together as hard as she could.  i lost it once and yelled at her to just push already.  it was so hard to watch.  last night lying in bed ryan and i decided that we should take her to the doctor.  she was in obvious pain and there was nothing we could do to convince her that the only end to the pain would be to push.

this morning i gave her two sippies full of apple juice, which is usually unheard of.  it’s supposed to be a great diahretic.  pshaw.  at 9:30, when she had gone through two “contractions” with no results in the diaper, i called the doctor.  they saw us at 10:30.  i’m still a little ticked about this, but all he did was talk to me, give me advice for the future and write me what i thought was a prescription.  we have a $25 co-pay, which i usually see as pretty reasonable, but not when harper didn’t even have to get on the table!  i was told later by the pharmacist that what i thought was a prescription was really just the name of an over-the-counter stool softener.  why the doctor couldn’t tell me all of that over the phone, i will never know.  that prescription was one expensive piece of paper.  ugh!

anyway, i got the suppositories and “gave” harper one when we got home.  within 5 minutes, the kid was in labor.  no joke.  it was definitely one of the most traumatic experiences of my life.  she was crying, moaning, sweating, and STILL fighting as hard as she could not to poop.  I kept trying to bend her knees and help her, but she was not having it (who knew a two-year old was SO strong?!).  finally i had had enough.  i pretty much threw her onto the ground and jumped on top of her.  i forced her knees to bend into her chest and held them there with my leg.  somehow she wriggled out of that before any results were had, so i put her on her potty (it was in the living room, next to the couch).  she refused to sit down (it’s really hard to hold your “cheeks” together when you’re sitting down).  so, i grabbed her and somehow turned my hands into stirrups…her back was against the couch.  harper was screaming so loud i seriously thought that the cleaning lady was going to come busting into the house thinking i was abusing her.  harper’s little face was beet red, she had tears streaming down her cheeks, and her hair was soaked in sweat – SO pitiful.  anyway, apparently the “stirrups” did the trick because, in the midst of our struggle, out popped a rock of poop.  i am not kidding when i say that i was about as happy as if a real baby had been born.  🙂  the best part was that i almost didn’t see it because it literally (no exaggeration) popped out and ROLLED across the floor.  🙂  i laughed out loud.  the joy was short-lived because another “contraction” came very soon after that and we struggled again.  this time i put my hand back there to…um…help it along.  ew.  by the end of this difficult 20 minutes, there were three rocks in the potty and we were both exhausted.  harper rested watching TV and after about 30 minutes, she had pooped in her diaper again.  she took a 2 1/2 hour nap and then pooped AGAIN.  🙂

needless to say, tonight harper was a new little girl.  she had energy to spare and couldn’t stop dancing around the house.  whew.  this experience was definitely up there with last year’s flights from hell…not quite as bad or long, but definitely up there.


7 Comments to “labor day”

  1. Oh wow- i was just reading this on the couch and starting cracking up… Mike was wondering why, so I had him read this too. He says, “She should take Garden of Life Primal Defense- it made me poop 8 times” haha awww Poor Harper… I’m sure this was traumatic for her- but it’ll be a real funny story to make her laugh one day 🙂

  2. thank you sooo much for writing this. i am sorry for harper and you, but i laughed too. oh my goodness. i love you, friend!

  3. Oh my gosh, I seriously have tears running down my face from laughing so hard. Poor Harper and poor you. I’m glad she’s feeling better though.

  4. THANK YOU JESUS!!!! That poor child, seriously I could not take seeing her walk around on her tippy toes:( I can only image how crazy that was!!!

  5. my poor little girl, and my poor big sissy trust me i know those pains!!!! fiber is my best friend these days!!!! hehe! i wish i could have been there to give her a good pep talk!

  6. Spencer has had the same experience a couple times. I understand your and Harper’s pain! I stuck a thermometer up his butt (at the advice of our pediatrician) and that did the trick.

  7. Girl!!! Been there, done that ALOT!! Araela did that for a very long time. Even the Miralax everyone talked about didn’t really work for her. One time (of many) it took her over an hour of sweating, screaming, crying, etc. to finally poop on her potty. She would remember how bad it hurt and would hold it for days. She still only goes every couple days. I basically forced her to poop on the potty because it was so tramatic every time. I was like, “I’m going through this every time she poops, I’m not cleaning it up too!”. The peeing came a little later. Everyone kept telling me what to feed her or give her to drink, but when they can control holding it not much helps! Good luck…it gets better!

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