birthday girl

i realized last night that i never did my top ten on tuesday this week, but that can be quickly remedied.

today is my good friend kathleen‘s 30th birthday.  here are ten things i appreciate about her:

  • she appreciates a good bargain (and she’s really good at hunting them down…we’ve had alot of fun doing this together).
  • she’s an ACE in the kitchen…anytime i have a question about cooking ANYthing, i call her and she has at least one answer.  she loves to cook and is very good at it.
  • she is a fix-it girl.  if there is a problem, she looks for the very best solution right away. 
  • she is super sarcastic and hilarious.  one of the first things i noticed about kathleen when we became friends is how much she made me laugh.
  • she’s really pretty but has no clue.
  • she gets excited about the simple things in life.  i was with her when she found the Wii Fit at costco.  she almost peed her pants. 
  • she has a kid.  this might be a wierd thing to appreciate, but it is so nice to have someone to hang out with who can’t just go see a movie whenever she wants and whose idea of a perfect lunch is the booth just outside the playground door at chick-fil-a.  (no offense to all my friends who are child-less!)
  • she’s honest.  she’ll tell me the truth whether i ask for it or not.  i love that.
  • our friendship is new, but doesn’t feel like it.  we’ve only really known each other for about a year, but it feels like 10…that’s nice.
  • she’s a believer.  most of my friends are Christians, but i had to put this one on the list because i don’t think we’d be nearly as close if we didn’t share the same faith.  i appreciate that.



One Comment to “birthday girl”

  1. I love you girl! You such a good friend. I seriously thank God for our friendship everyday!

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