my girls.

laynie turned 6 weeks old on tuesday, and she started smiling this week!  i never took pictures of her on her month birthday ( because she was really broken out).  so yesterday i had a few extra minutes toward the end of harper’s nap when layne was awake, so i decided to try to get some pictures.  a few turned out cute (newborns just really aren’t very photogenic).  after i was done with layne, we went and woke up harper and then she agreed (to the tune of me offering her some m&m’s) to do some pictures too.  as you’ll see, layne wasn’t too happy about sharing the spotlight.  🙂  luckily, harper is a card and a half so she made up for it.




(isn’t that last one the cutest thing ever?!  she just learned how to make a silly face – from a Dora book – and i beg her to do it all the time.)


7 Comments to “my girls.”

  1. this made me smile. layne is looking so much bigger and different! so is so cute! and i love the silly face one too! 🙂

  2. Yay! Pictures! I love the first one of Harper and Layne where Layne is screaming her head off and Harper looks like she is really enjoying the whole thing.

  3. So cute and sweet! harper’s funny face is awesome!

  4. Oh my goodness these are so great! How did you get little layne to smile so perfect for you??!!!

    ps. hooray for the 50mm being fixed!

  5. i can see what your husband was speaking of… 🙂

  6. Come on girl … give some credit where some credit is due.

    Harper’s poppy taught her how to make that streched mouth face, at the family reunion with her cousin Hannah.

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