john adams

ryan came home from blockbuster the other night with the first two parts of the HBO john adams series.  we have the blockbuster movies-through-the-mail thing and so he’d gone to trade one out…you never know what he’ll come back with.  we’ve watched at least one part every night for the past 4 nights.  it is EXCELLENT.  i find myself thinking about it even during the day.  it’s based on the novel by the historian David McCullough.  like any biographical film, i’m sure they’ve taken liberties with conversations and such, but I AM HOOKED.  it is so cool to see American history come to life.  the relationship between John and Abigail is encouraging – a very positive/realistic look at marriage in general and it is portrayed very much like what i would’ve pictured.  it being an HBO series, i keep waiting for the nudity and cursing, but so far it’s pretty much been rated G.


2 Comments to “john adams”

  1. Nice…always looking for new rentals..we do Netflix- maybe Blockbuster would be better though…hmmm

  2. Mike brought home this series for us to watch, and we were addicted too! It’s so awesome. I think we watched it in 3 days. I thought Laura Linney and Paul Giamati were so good…and how much the does the guy who plays George Washington look like him (he’s in The Green Mile, I just can’t remember his name)! You’ll love the rest of it.

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