6 years.

my husband and i recently celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary.  neither of us got the other so much as a card (we’ve had alot going on and alot of extra bills to pay).  here are 10 of the MANY things i love about my husband (in no particular order…that would be impossible):

  • he’s a GREAT daddy…to be honest, he’s a better dad than i even thought he’d be.  his favorite thing to do at night just before we go to bed is to sneak into Harper’s room and watch her sleep.  it is precious.  not only does he LOVE his girls, but he is serious help to me whenever i need it.  he bathes, he dresses, he feeds, he changes poopy diapers, he burps after i feed (and is better at it than i am).  probably the coolest thing though, about his being a daddy is that i get to be the mommy…we are a team.  sometimes we’re clueless, but at least we’re clueless together.
  • he’s really good lookin’…after 10 years (we dated for 4 before we got hitched), i am still VERY attracted to him.  i love buying him new clothes so i can see them on him (although i don’t mind him with no clothes on either, haha). 
  • he makes me laugh all the time…ryan is probably THE most randomly funny person i’ve ever met.  when i married him i knew that even when we’re 95 he’ll still make me laugh and surprise me with the comments he makes because he always has something wierd going on in his head. 
  • he’s an incredible athlete…whether it be soccer, flag-football, surfing, golf, or skateboarding, he’s pretty much good at anything he tries.  to watch him, you’d never know how OLD we really are.  🙂 
  • he’s very well-read and loves to read…he is a walking encycolpedia of knowledge on WW2 and alot of other stuff.  also, he is a great help when i’m trying to interpret Scripture.
  • he has great taste in music…’nuff said.
  • he is a strong Christian…anyone who knows Ryan knows that he is a huge skeptic.  he questions everything.  that’s why i think it speaks volumes that he has chosen to believe in God & His Word and has accepted Christ’s love & forgiveness. 
  • he’s very well-rounded…the previous 7 points are evidence enough.  (he’s a good looking, well-read, hilarious athlete.)
  • he is easy to please…before we were married, i guarantee you that he ate cheese and crackers at least 2 times a week for dinner (when he no longer had the college cafeteria).  he wore the same pair of jeans to work twice a week for about a year, until they literally wore out…fell off of his leg.  i guess this is common to most guys (easy to please), but he is seriously low maintenance and it is NICE.  (do other girls’ husbands get excited when they come home and they have a pack of new Hanes underwear?)
  • he loves me…i feel very needed.  i KNOW without a doubt (and without his even telling me) that i am ryan’s best friend and biggest cheerleader.  he thinks i’m pretty and tells me so.  we know each other inside and out and i love that he loves me in spite of that.  🙂 

6 Comments to “6 years.”

  1. That’s enough to make an old grown man cry.

    What else could a father pray for than to have his daughter married to and in love with a caring, loving and selfless husband, best-friend and Christian father to her childern.

    Boo-Hoo-Hoo … I love you Katie, and tell Ryan your dad said Thank you.

  2. that’s sweet KT…a very good idea for an “anniversary” gift.

  3. Ok, Mr. Buerke, the world is really ready for your blog. What’s the address? 🙂

  4. okay, time for me to actually leave a comment 🙂 I love this post… so sincere. You and Ryan are such a great team & a great example to the rest of us… seriously. What a blessing to know you two!

  5. ok so that was sweet and sentimental but i burst out laughing about the cheese and crackers… Louie gets excited about cheese and crackers like Ryan gets excited about underwear lol.

    And the fact that you have been together for 10 years makes me feel young… thanks for that! :0)

    I’m thankful Louie and I have met you guys and can use you as role models in our marriage, parenting, and Christian walk!

  6. this is probably one of your best blogs to date!!! i loved reading it, and loved knowing that every word of it is true. someone told me the other day that the day you get married should be the day you love your husband… or wife the least, and that everyday your love should grow and mature in new ways. i think that your marriage, and your family is a perfect example of that!!! and for that i am proud to be your sister!!! i love you, and i love having ryan in our family, i couldn’t ask for a better brother!!

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