closing remarks.

some thoughts on my saturday:

how great is it that today i got a huge one of these:  for this:  ?!  what makes it even cooler is that i got to enjoy it while walking around wal-mart with only a sleeping baby in my cart…no two-year old begging me for a sip every second that she’s not asking me to shake up her quickly diminishing powerade slush (which, as you’ve probably guessed, is what is usually happening in wal-mart).  basically, sonic happy hour is totally rad.


what is up with these things being everywhere in all the places where there is new construction (example: the new kohl’s on congress and northlake)?  they are pointless and provide a false sense of shade and i don’t even think they look cool…  they are especially annoying if it’s raning and you didn’t get a close look and you think you’re running for shelter, but then when you get there, you’re still getting wet.  i know i’m weird, but i’m just sayin’.


tomorrow is our church‘s first sunday in our BRAND NEW BUILDING!!  hooray!  we’re so excited!  also, tomorrow night is the first membership class offered so that we can become members of the church.  this is something totally new for the calvary chapel denomination, but we think it’s pretty cool.  i’ll try to remember tomorrow to write a post about the new building (i want to remember my first impressions…).


layne is almost 6 weeks old, so i decided that i needed to offer her some age-appropriate stimulus (other than the 2 year-old that is constantly 3 inches away from her face).  so, today i broke out the baby toys.  they were in a see-through bin high in the closet and for some reason harper has had a fascination with them from the time i put them up there.  she was SO excited when we got the toys down and i think a little let-down when she realized that layne could do absolutely nothing with them.  i guess she decided to play with the toys enough for herself and her baby sister.  this probably isn’t the best picture because neither one of them looks cute or entertained, but it’s the best i could get (yes, i get paid to take pictures of people sometimes).





harper woke up AGAIN this morning with a dry diaper, yet AGAIN refused to sit on the potty when i asked her.  what in the world??? this kid will be in diapers until she’s four.


5 Comments to “closing remarks.”

  1. harper looks so “tall” next to layne. i miss your girls. and you! 🙂 (and ryan too!!)

  2. Harper does look really tall! Paul loved that playmat…well mostly he loved the monkey guy that hangs from it. And don’t worry about Harper…she won’t be going to kindergarten in diapers, she’ll get it sometime. (Paul has no interest in the potty anymore so we’ve given up for awhile.)

  3. Good grief…she’s nowhere near 3….she’s fine! Just stick with it and it’ll click for her one day…gosh I sound like one of those know it all annoying! sorry!

  4. oh goodness, I wasn’t sure when I could start busting out the fun toys…I have a feeling I might be like Harper…disappointed when Tessa can’t play with them yet. Soon enough though… I also noticed the little band-aid on Layne’s leg…looks familiar to the one Tessa had…a little shocking…for both of us I think 😉 OH…and I’m in agreement about the “shade” thingers…duh. Sorry no words of wisdom on the potty situation…

  5. Ok 1st of all Harper is such a sweet little big sister:), 2nd…what you went to happy hour??? and 3rd, I loved the new church!!!! I feel like I really belong to a church now it was so fun and the cafe is so cute except I didn’t try anything yet.

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