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August 19, 2008

i heart the heat.

top ten reasons why i love living in south florida (in spite of this week’s horrid weather):

10) i secretly love the hot weather.  honestly, i don’t even mind being sweaty due to the weather (unless i’ve just showered, but i know better than that).

9) sea oats.  when i have a house, they will somehow be a part of my landscaping.

8 ) this sounds really materialistic, but everything is new here…especially in Jupiter, where we live.  it’s nice to go into stores (and drive past them) that are new and clean.  it might not be a good thing, but once places reach a certain age around here, they’re torn down.

7) A/C.  cool, conditioned air can be seriously taken for granted unless you’ve just come in from REALLY hot, humid air.  i’m sure i would NOT love south florida if there was no A/C.

6) PBAU (Palm Beach Atlantic University)…so proud to call it my alma-mater and it makes it even better that people down here know and appreciate it.

5) good seafood.

4) friends.  many of our good friends live within a 20 mile radius of us.  this makes living here all that much more fun.

3) laid back attitude…most powerfully manifested in the wearing of flip-flops everywhere and anytime.

2) palm trees.  after 11 years, i still love them and still notice them everywhere.

1) the beach.  it’s about a 7 minute drive for us.  SO NICE.  i love the salt water, the sand (even when it’s all over me and my kid), the pier, etc…