school days, school days…

…dear old golden rule days.

i loved school.  i loved every minute of it from my first day of kindegarten until i walked across the stage at my college graduation.  i love learning.  i loved having a schedule to my days.  i loved lunch and pe and usually had a good relationship with most of my teachers.  i always enjoyed seeing who i would sit next to in what class.  i loved organizing my locker or my desk (in elementary).  this time of year, i am always sentimental about school.  after i graduated from college, i taught school for 5 years…this did nothing for ending my usage of a school calendar in my head (i still think that way, 2 years later with no affiliation with any school whatsoever).  actually, my planner is a weekly assignment planner that any middle school girl would appreciate…that probably doesn’t help the school-calendar year thing…

the first day of school was always my favorite.  i would (no joke) pick out my “first day” outfit WEEKS beforehand (i’m not kidding)..usually the same day we bought it, along with the rest of the new school clothes.  i was obsessed with buying school supplies and still to this day feel a stupid excitement when i purchase anything new from the office supply aisle at wal-mart (speaking of that, the stuff they have these days is SO much cooler than we had.  we had to choose between plain or the lisa frank stuff that every other girl had).  my favorite line in “You’ve Got Mail” is:   “If I knew your name and address, I would send you a bouquet of freshly-sharpened pencils.”  i totally appreciate that because there is something so great about a brand-new, freshly-sharpened pencil.  it may be the sense of possibility or just how NEW it looks…

anyway, i guess today i honestly am just feeling sad that i’m not in school.  seriously.  i really do love my life, but i miss the excitement and the routine and the lunches that i didn’t have to make.  🙂

here’s a picture of my niece and nephew on their first day today.  he started first grade and she started preschool.  too cute!


3 Comments to “school days, school days…”

  1. you’re such a nerd 🙂

  2. I have the opposite feeling…”thank GOD I’m not in school anymore!”

  3. I was coming online to write a blog about how I missed my youth. To reflect on school days and on memories past… I read your post and see you beat me to it!

    I couldn’t agree more,( although I’m not looking forward to classes starting next monday!) also…. LOVE the movie You’ve Got Mail!

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