extravagantly practical.

ten very practical things i would buy if we had the money:

  • new carpet (or maybe wood?) – i’m pretty sure our carpet is the cheapest you can buy and it’s 4 years old…if we moved all the furniture out, you’d still very easily be able to tell where it was
  • a new refrigerator with water and crused ice in the door (or do they make them with pellet – sonic – ice?)
  • a new dishwasher – ours comes up with a new noise every week and honestly doesn’t clean that great
  • a dyson vacuum cleaner
  • a new, smaller dining set
  • a king-sized bed
  • 2 sets of egyptian cotton sheets
  • a gym membership (with child care)
  • a scanner (no, we don’t have one, and yes, i know that everyone else does)
  • a macbook (laptop) for my business (and my blog!)

5 Comments to “extravagantly practical.”

  1. oh i want an ice maker that makes sonic ice!!!! Really Bad!!!

  2. ummmmmm….I have a scanner that I NEVER use…would you like to “borrow” it until some rainy day when I decide I need it for something?

  3. Wow…that Sonic ice is a great idea! 🙂 Good luck finding one of those.

  4. i have an extra scanner that you can have too. just let me know if you want it and i’ll bring it to playgroup or church or whatever. and i totally agree on the sonic ice thing, totally want one. and the dyson vaccum… never thought that i’d be lusting over something so practical and boring, but every time i see one of their commercials i start to.

  5. hey katie, i’m sure you already figured it out, but that last one was me, not jeff… he really needs to remember to log out after he’s done so that doesn’t happen!

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