it’s the little things…

…that get me excited!  here are some things that i’m excited about today:

1) LilyPadz – i love breastfeeding and i wouldn’t ever consider bottle feeding my babies unless i had no other choice.  however, sometimes it’s a pain.  i can’t stand nursing bras and wrinkly nursing pads (if you don’t know what these are, basically it’s a maxi pad for your boobs to protect your bra/shirt from leakage).  i hate having to find a place to nurse wherever i go, or trying to figure out if it’s appropriate NOT to “find a place” and just stay where i am…if i stay where i am, should i cover up?  anyway, for me, yesterday one of these problems was SOLVED forever!  i had read about LilyPadz while doing some research on the web and really wanted to try them.  yesterday i bit the bullet and carted both kids to the mall just to get the LilyPadz.  i hate going to the mall for just one thing, but i’m SO glad i did.  they are so cool!  they’re made of this thin silicone rubber stuff that magically and painlessly sticks to your skin no matter how many times it’s peeled off.  you can wash them with soap and water and they’re supposed to last up to 2 months.  the pressure of the thing sticking to your skin ENDS any fears of leaking.  hooray!  they’re $20 a pair, but i will definitely be buying them for the duration of this breastfeeding stint.

2) Beijing 2008 – we watched the opening ceremonies of the olympics last night and it was ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE.  if you didn’t see it, you need to YouTube it or something…seriously one of the coolest things i’ve seen in a long time…it was like watching a huge cirque de soleil show or something.  i love the olympics anyway, but when it starts off like that, you can’t help but get excited!


3) fish dinner – fish is one of my favorite foods…well, i guess seafood in general…  last night my husband went on a fishing trip with some guys from our church.  they caught a ton of kingfish and got so excited about it that they went out and bought a smoker when they got home at midnight.  🙂  tonight we’re all getting together at our friend danny’s house to partake of their catchings.  yummy!


6 Comments to “it’s the little things…”

  1. I love how you’re never afraid to “tell it like it is”! Brutal honesty is always refreshing to me. I’m very excited for you (and your boobs) that the Lilypad thing is working out. I don’t think they had those when I was nursing, and they sound fantastic! I was NEVER a fan of breast pads or nursing bras. I had great success with those bras that snap in the front. I suppose having a flat chest made that whole bra thing much easier. How exciting it was for me to finally get out of an “A” cup. Sorry to say it didn’t last, though!

  2. Brian and I were both in disbelief during the entire show last night. I mean seriously when those little chinese guys popped out of those moving boxes I was like….WHAT!!???

  3. I am really not comfortable reading about my daughter’s (blood or in-law) boobs on the internet. Actually, I’m not comfortable reading about any woman’s boobs on the internet.

    The Big Olympics opening was unbelievable! Kathleen is right about the “inside the box” people, were they even real people ???

    FACT: For those of you who are all fired up about the international competition between the different country’s teams – Did you know a country can recruit and pay athletes and coaches to be on their national team, even though they are NOT from that particular country. Sooooo, that means that the “National” teams competing are no different that professional sports teams, but using the name of different countries. Soooo, let’s take it a step further and recognize that the Olympics is nothing more that a big money mover. National pride and success have very little to do with it, other than the riches countries have the biggest and best teams.

    I hate being a realists ………… Go USA ! ! ! ! !

  4. oh, Hugh, you crack me up… 🙂 When will your blog be debuted?

  5. Hey — can you keep me posted on that LilyPadz thing? if they really work — i REALLY need them!!!!!!

  6. I took your review of LilyPadz to heart and ordered a pair. You are right…they are the best things ever. Thanks for the tip. Wish I had them the first time around.

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