once again i am humbled…

after reading my post from the other day about suzanne and the news she’d received about her baby girl, my friend nancy from church e-mailed me the address for this blog.  i’ve been glued to it for about 45 minutes and have tears streaming down my face. 

i am humbled because just this morning i was once again with this frustrated with this new two-kid thing.  i hate things not being “normal”.  i was frustrated because we were on the way out the door to meet a friend for lunch, on time for ONCE, and little layne started screaming in her carseat for what i thought was no reason.  harper wanted to pick flowers on the way to the car.  the car was in the street, which can be quite a long walk with a two-year old and a stroller.  i was annoyed and grumbling in my head about the fact that we still live here (see yesterday’s post) and the fact that even after 3 weeks i still have alot to learn about this new little one in my life.

Lord, thank you for my babies.  thank you for harper’s not knowing what it means to hurry and her love for hibiscus.  thank you that layne is healthy enough to cry really loud.  🙂


2 Comments to “once again i am humbled…”

  1. I stumbled on that blog a while ago and couldn’t read for long it was too hard. The pictures alone where making me sob.

  2. Better days are coming soon my friend! 🙂 Everytime I feel overwhelmed I think of Tara with 5…how in the world! It gives me a stomach ache just thinking about it. How’s little Layne’s tummy? Still fussy or doing better? Also, both boys had the stomach flu this week- Asher still has it. Gotta love 2 boys throwing up on you! 🙂

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