my right-hand man.

seriously, my husband is the greatest.  last night was our first tough one with little laynie.  without thinking yesterday, i ate a bowl of raw vegetables at lunch.  i totally forgot that i have to be really careful now…what i eat turns into what layne eats.  i can remember a few times when harper was breastfeeding that i ate a big salad (cheesecake factory’s southwest chicken…YUM) and it really jacked up her stomach.  unfortunately i didn’t remember that until around 12:30 this morning when laynie had been screaming for an hour and a half.  i had a hunch that it was gas, but couldn’t figure out where it’d be coming from.  around that time, i started getting little gas pains in my stomach and i remembered the bowl of vegetables.  anyway, i tried everything i knew to do and nothing was working.  finally at 1:30, my fabulous husband (who i think really wanted to do something to help), volunteered to go to CVS.  when harper was gassy, we used Mylicon and it always seemed to really help.  he remembered that and wanted some relief for layne.  so he went.  at 1:30 in the morning.  and it worked!!!  what a great guy i have.


3 Comments to “my right-hand man.”

  1. Nice job Ryan! Sorry to hear about the bad night but i guess if it was going to happen at least it was when Harper was with grandma 🙂

  2. KT – something is wrong with your blog “comments” stuff. When I said I wanted to comment, it came up auto as you and your address. ??

    GOOD JOB daddy Ryan ………………

  3. Hooray for Ryan!! I think Ben would have slept right through it and then asked in the morning, “so how was it last night?” He never heard a thing. ANYHOW….Good job Ryan!

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