first masterpiece

unless she’s done it somewhere without my knowing it (grandparents’ maybe?), harper had never painted before saturday.  i bought paints a few weeks ago, thinking that with all this rain in the afternoons, we really needed some “different” inside activities.  also, i just started thinking that i had neglected her by not exposing her to paint sooner.  i had in mind that she’d just fingerpaint, but she ended up loving the brush best.  it was a fun time for both of us.  🙂



6 Comments to “first masterpiece”

  1. Very cute pics!! Looks like she had fun!
    Not that you probably have a need for more pictures on your walls…but I love this idea. Maybe We’ll have to try it with Paul and see how he does!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics.

  3. little Jackson Pollock!

  4. HOLY COW! I just had to show all of these to everyone in the room cause they are soooo good! She looks like she is having a ball!

  5. Amazing Pictures Katie!

  6. Kate,

    You have a real gift. The picture of Harper painting her hand is professional studio quality. God has blessed you.

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