gestational justification

one of the highs of the family reunion every year is the homemade ice cream.  we have it almost every night with hot brownies.  don’t know how it started, but now it’s a definite family tradition.  after eating homemade ice cream for 6 nights in a row last week, ryan and i were missing it already.  last night we decided to have some friends over and make a batch.  as soon as ryan got home from work, i left for the store (always a treat to go by myself). 

here is what my list looked like:

Dr. Pepper

milk (harper’s whole and my 2%)

heavy cream

half n half

rock salt

lg. bag of ice

d.s. oreos (to chop for an ice-cream mix-in/topping)

reese’s cups (also supposedly for the ice cream)


now, here is what my receipt reads:

publix fudge marshmallow cookies

oreo double stuff

organic valley milk

publix heavy whipping cream

dr. pepper

arizona rx stress relief tea

hershey reese’s cups


ice cream salt

royal chocolate pudding



figure out for yourself what i walked by and couldn’t live without.  🙂


PS.  as of last night, these cookies are my right-now favorite.  i had to go down the cookie aisle to get the oreos, walked past these and could not physically take another step until i had some in my cart.  i ate 6 (SIX) of them on the drive home from the grocery store (which happens to be about 3/4 of a mile from my house).


3 Comments to “gestational justification”

  1. 6? I just laughed outloud. I love you and now I want one…or six. 🙂

  2. ah…yum! I think we need this ice cream next tuesday night!

  3. BUT … what about the ice cream? How did it turn out? What flavor did you make? Now that you “invested” in an ice cream-maker visiting during your homecoming (from the birth canal) will be even better.

    Just kidding, I’d be there just for the cookies. The ice cream and NEW Grand-baby (Jubilee?) will be some special extras.

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