yet another list

so i really would like to be able to have a cool blog like the ones that i love to read (the preacher’s wife, for example), but i seriously have so much going on right now.  i am once again going to have to sacrifice entertainment/pleasure for “business”.  another “get it done quick” list:

  • dawn’s west palm invites
  • dawn’s table numbers
  • dawn’s thank-you postcards
  • dawn’s sticker designs
  • dilate.  🙂
  • laundry
  • efface.  🙂  (this one is more geared toward my cervix)
  • pack my bag for the hospital (why am i dreading doing this?)
  • contact emmaus’s current web registrar & switch the domain name location
  • make emmaus design corrections
  • make emmaus “black” pages
  • re-upload emmas site
  • copies for Bible study
  • Bible study  beth moore is so encouraging and such a great teacher…i LOVE it!
  • somehow manage to finish painting the 2nd bathroom (this one just ticks me off)
  • finish jenna editing
  • re-upload jenna album
  • make/mail jenna CD
  • court’s birthday
  • make/mail justin’s birthday package
  • dilate.  🙂
  • trip to Ikea to buy new filing cabinet
  • remove old filing cabinet from the middle of living room (or…ahem…nag my husband to do it)
  • organize files, paper & such, and CD’s/DVD’s in new filing cabinet
  • baby gift thank-you notes (i am TERRIBLE…it’s embarrassing!)
  • lunch with Amy (yay!)  this didn’t happen…she was sick.
  • photo session with the thomas family   postponed until their baby comes in august

(sheesh…luckily Harper is taking forever to fall asleep today.)


3 Comments to “yet another list”

  1. let me know when you’re going to ikea…if it’s not in the middle of a work day. i might just go with you. and, please add to your list “calm nerves of friend amy who feels like we need to formulate a plan for harper when the new baby decides to arrive” (especially is dialate is on your list).

  2. I don’t think you should have dilate and efface on your list if you want to get all that done:)

  3. My suggestion is to back your bag first. Take it from me… after totally putting it off for no reason….packing your bag and getting kids (okay only one kid for you) ready while laboring isn’t all that great and makes everything pretty hectic. I put it off way too long and it made things pretty crazy when things started happening and I didn’t have anything ready.

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