“good to great”

my friend lydnsey wrote a post a week ago that she’d just started reading a book called good to great.  well, as i sit on a leather love seat (ryan and i got the master suite!) with my feet up, about 2 feet away from a huge window overlooking the atlantic during a rainstorm, who would have thought things could get better?  then i see bubbles floating up from the porch below…the sign that my mom (Nana) just put down the Bible she was reading to blow bubbles with my daughter (who i thought was occupied eating a bowl of fruit loops watching noggin).  pretty cool.

so far this week has been an amazing vacation…a break from reality and the sometimes mundanity of not working (well, not having a job that i get paid for).  uninterupted time with my family is truly a pleasure.  it is so heartwarming (cheesy word, but the only one that seems right) to see my daughter and my niece (15 months apart) play together all day long.  it is so much fun to watch the pride that my parents have in how their children have turned out and to see the love that they have for their grandkids.  that love was defintely put into action earlier today when my mom, who scares easily and isn’t too fond of getting “tossed around”, decided to venture out onto the “fun island” (a HUGE float that we got my dad a few years ago) when my dad had purposely pulled it out past the sand bar so that it would be really hard to stay on every time another wave came.  justin, my 7 year old nephew was THRILLED and giggling everytime Nana screamed bloody murder.  🙂 

we’re obviously all having fun, but are definitely grieving a little bit, too…  my brother’s son was diagnosed last week (2 days before they were supposed to fly out) with an extremely contagious virus (HFMD).  because the virus can be passed from a prenant mother to her baby during delivery, bob and julie decided that it was too risky to come.  so, it hasn’t really been a “true” family reunion…there is definitely a BIG hole.  everytime we sit down for a meal or when all the grown-ups are sitting around talking at night, i catch myself feeling like there’s something missing or like i’m forgetting something.  it’s just not the same without them here.  it’s really heartwrenching to know that we have to wait a whole year until we can do this again and they can come.  ugh.  maybe i titled this post wrong… 

back to the blog (journal) aspect of this post…  here’s a pseudo-schedule of what our days are looking like:  wake up at 8, TV in bed for about a half hour (a treat for ryan and i who don’t want a TV in our bedroom at home), big breakfast (dad makes bacon, sausage, hashbrowns, grits, biscuits, special order eggs) around 9,  clean up, devotions, suit-up and lather on the sunscreen, on the beach by 11, pool to rinse off around 1, kids’ lunches around 1:30, little girls’ (and ryan) naps at 2 (the rest of us just take it easy wherever we’re in the mood for, which right now is inside because of the rain), dinner (we takes turns cooking) around 6, baths/books/ bedtime around 8, grown-up time until we feel like bed.  actually, for the past two nights my sister and her husband and my mom and dad have gone out to the beach around 10:00 and found nesting sea turtles…i’m thinking of going tonight, but they’ve been staying out on the beach until like 1 AM, so i don’t know if i can swing it or not…plus the no-see-ems have been really bad and i’m not sure if seeing a mommy turtle lay her eggs is worth being eaten alive by microscopic bugs…  if i go, i’m sure i’ll write a post about it.

anyway, this post was mostly written for me, so if anyone made it this far, i’m sorry if it was boring…  these are just memories that i don’t want to forget…  that’s what a web-LOG is for, right?


8 Responses to ““good to great””

  1. i love you. and i made it to the end and i did not find the post boring…not even for one second. i loved every bit of it. you make me feel like i am on vacation with you (i wish i were). i gotta say it also made me teary eyed a couple of times. first, about bob’s little one…oh man…i couldn’t read fast enough. i thought you were going to say he was diagnosed with something that would be longer term (not to downplay his sickness at all), but thank goodness. and then, talking about all your family being together, etc…i just dream/pray about those days with our family. obviously i enjoy what we have now, but i dream about the days when our extended family is more “complete.” ya know? i love you!!!

  2. That wasn’t boring! I’m glad you are having a good time, what a blessing to have this time right before things get a little crazy! Your description of relaxing in a hotel room made me green with envy, but you definately deserve it, now get back in town I’ve had to go to Sonic twice now, all by myself!!

  3. katie, you have such an amazing talent for writing. i can remember notes/letters you wrote me in high school and they way that you are able to put your feelings/thoughts so very eloquently is truly a gift….my prayers are that you have a safe delivery and baby is healthy and that you have a speedy recovery. i am an L&D nurse now and it is so amazing to see new life everyday!

  4. The “… bubbles floating up from poarch below…” where from Poppy. Nana was too busy with the camera trying to reach the 1,000 picture count, by the fourth day, to do the bubbles. That GIANT bubble maker was really cool. And the BIG bubbles would float around for sooooo long, too. I think I’ll get me one of those for use in Tallahassee.

    You are absolutely correct about our pride in how our childern have grown into loving devoted Christian parents and spouses. It is funny how even as “older parents” we still want to protect, and shelter, our childern and their childern from the adversities we know life will be bringing. personally, I like your idea of a ‘year-round BFR commune on the beach’.

    we are praying for you and the delivery of your healthy baby….. Either way …. down the canal or out the opening.

  5. Hannah keeps begging for Harper!!! We have to get them together more – they are just too cute not to! I am so glad we live closer!!!! Love you!

  6. That was such a cool description, Katie. How’s Owen doing?


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