busy bee.

got back into town/reality this evening around 8:00 and was hit in the face with the fact that i have ALOT to get done this week.  we leave on saturday afternoon for a week in melbourne beach with my family.  i am super duper stoked for the trip, but have so much to get done beforehand.  doing a to-do list post has helped me before, so i’m going to for it again.  (fyi: alot of this stuff might not seem too urgent, but when you consider that my due date is exactly 4 weeks away, then you should understand where the urgnecy for completion comes in!)  here goes in no particular order of importance:

  • editing for jenna’s senior photo session  (in progress)
  • upload for jenna’s senior photo session
  • cd for jenna’s senior photo session
  • mail jenna’s cd
  • (maybe) blog about jenna’s session
  • make changes to kelley/jay’s wedding invite
  • e-mail changes to kelley
  • get another bookshelf and brackets (for the new book storage system in our bedroom…thanks honey!)
  • spray-paint the file cabinet that i got last week and thought would be a super easy project (i say this an hour and a half and two coats of crappy paint later)
  • put away files in newly painted filing cabinet  this isn’t going to happen…the spray paint ended up not working because of the crappy paint underneath.  plus, i had never had the bright idea to measure the space where the cabinet was supposed to go.  it’s WAY too deep to fit where we need it to (we’d never be able to fully open the computer armoire door.  ugh.  going to buy a NEW one.
  • finish painting #2 bathroom (this was another supposedly “easy” project…HA!)
  • finish design for Emmaus web content  i wish this took up more room because it was a big job!
  • upload web content to web.com
  • make sample changes to Emmaus postcard
  • e-mail samples of changes to Emmaus postcard
  • call current Emmaus webhost to switch to new webhost
  • do laundry
  • pack for me & ryan
  • pack for harper
  • doctor’s appointment on friday (first internal.  EW.)
  • (maybe) pack my bag for the hospital (for when we have the baby…you’re supposed to have it ready early, just in case)
  • send a congrats card to sari
  • send my mother-in-law’s birthday gift
  • exhange library books for harper
  • catch up on homework for bible study on tuesday night  unfortunately not gonna happen
  • copies for tuesday night bible study
  • host tuesday night bible study’
  • empty the trashcans
  • thank you notes for baby gifts
  • new sheets on the bed (probably saturday morning)
  • clean out fridge
  • sweep and mop kitchen floor (i’ll be shocked if this actually happens)

wow.  even worse than i thought.  i’d better get to bed so that i have some energy to get all this stuff done!


4 Comments to “busy bee.”

  1. your busy girl! Do you need me for friday??

  2. YOU CAN DO IT! (by the way, how do you put a line through your text? I really want to be able to do that.)

  3. never mind.

    i figured it out! 🙂

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