some things on my mind tonight…

1) starting tomorrow i get to spend a day (and night) with two of my best girlfriends (and no kids).  CAN’T WAIT!  hopefully i’ll have some fun pictures to post when i get back.

2) i had an interesting conversation with a man today at the pool.  he was doing most of the talking (for the entire 40 minutes), but it was actually me who said something that i’ve had to reflect back on several times since then.  we were talking about amish people because he’s from pennsylvania.  he was going on and on about how their farms are so beautiful, they’re all in great physical condition, they’re the nicest people on the planet, etc, etc, etc.  i told him that the reason i thought they were like that was because they do absolutely EVERYthing in a way that would be pleasing to God.  i said that i totally agreed with that type of lifestyle as long as you’re doing it to please God and not just to do good things (for the sake of tradition or “religion”).  that part of the conversation has had me thinking ever since:  there’s a verse in colossians that i really like – “whatever you do, do it as if working for the Lord and not for men”.  i like to think that i strive to do that, but after considering what that concept really means, i TOTALLY don’t.  the reason the amish stand out so much in our culture is because they do EVERYTHING for the Lord, thus everything is done as well as is humanly possible.  my life definitely can’t compare to an amish woman’s life.  when you think about it, they don’t do anything for themselves.  they are constantly either doing something for the Lord or for someone else.  i was really challenged by these thoughts.  sorry if this portion of my post is a little disjointed…i’m really just journaling for myself.  🙂

3) my 5 days of freedom is coming to an end.  i’ll see harper on sunday night at my sister’s place in gainesville and then on monday we’ll head home.  i talked to harper on the phone for about 30 seconds today and it made me miss her terribly, but at the same time, because i know she’s being well taken care of and that she’s enjoying herself, i wish i had just a few more days at home to enjoy the quiet.  i guess most of all it’s just been nice to focus and get things done.  i do feel like i gave myself way too many things to get done (paint the bathroom, finish web design, move furniture, sort through books, photo session, etc…) and didn’t really get enough time to just relax, but it’s still been super nice.  luckily in a week we leave for a beach house with family for a week (melbourne beach) where i will be away from all of my “home” responsibilities and can REALLY veg out by the pool or on the beach.  yay!

4) i love the body of Christ.  i just went to get a haircut.  the stylist and i didn’t talk too much, but we somehow got to talking about the fact that she’s getting married in july, then we started talking about churches and it turns out that she goes to church regularly.  it was pretty obvious that both of us are reserved people who don’t really talk for no reason, but when we discovered that each other attends church (and obviously assume that each other are believers), both of us perked up and started talking like crazy.  it was a shame that the good conversation didn’t start until she was almost done…i almost wanted to stay and continue talking to her or go have coffee or something.  i just love the feeling that i get when i meet someone random who is unexpectedly on my “team”.  🙂

5) ryan is playing golf right now, but when he gets back, we’re going out for a late dinner (without having to worry about a babysitter!).  can’t wait!  gotta run and do some stuff on InDesign before we leave…


2 Comments to “random.”

  1. a haircut! did you not feel the need to post a picture of this new haircut!! I hope you had a good weekend…back to mommyland for both of us.

  2. oh a late night dinner with no kids or baths to give when you come home…. sounds fun. Is Bob and Natalie going to Melbourne too? Give your parents a big hug from SOOOO Brina.. 🙂

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