denim and freedom

so, i’m pretty sure most of my readers are female (minus you, Dad).  because of this, this post will include an analogy that can really only be applied to the life of a female.

harper is at my parents’ in tallahassee for 5 days.  it was pretty spur of the moment, but my niece and nephew were already there and i knew harper would have a ball and that i needed a break, so i just asked them if she could come too.  my dad met me in wildwood (halfway) yesterday to pick her up.  4 hours later after i had walked around the mall for a LONG time, uninterrupted, feeling no obligations, the drive up and the heartache of being away from her was already worth it.  i had to ask myself, “when was the last time you sat in a $3,000 massage chair at brookstone for 10 mintues straight?”  then i had to answer, “i have no idea, but this feels really good.”


i’ve come to the conclusion that having a child is like wearing a pair of really good-lookin’ tight jeans ALL THE TIME.  the jeans make you feel proud because you know you look good.  they add to your beauty.  people look and admire them and comment about how cute they are and ask you where you got them.  then…you sit down.  they are REALLY uncomfortable.  after awhile you get used to them and you forget what it felt like not to have them on, you just know that you have to hold your breath when you bend over and that you can’t really eat alot at one time when you’re wearing them. 

the jeans might even stretch out a little after you wear them a few times.  you think they’re getting more comfortable.  until…you take them off.

“whoa,” you think.  “those jeans are super cute and i really love the way i feel when i’m wearing them, but i didn’t realize how stinkin’ uncomfortable they are!”  you do a few cheerleading kicks just because you can.  you eat alot of food at one time, just because you can.  but then, a few days later, you have plans to go out to a movie.  when you think, “what will i wear?”, the jeans are your first instinct.  you love those jeans, even if they do make life a little bit uncomfortable.


this is totally how i feel about having a child.  i LOVE being a mother and i feel so blessed.  there is NO other job in the world i would rather have attached to my name.  but it is SO nice to get a break.  it’s nice to take the jeans off and take a really deep breath.  although i’m sure that in about two days i’ll be anxious to put them on again.



4 Responses to “denim and freedom”

  1. love this!

    I’m not a Mom but I do own tight jeans… thanks to this post I’m starting to get what it might be like to be a Mom! Also, thanks to Mabel, our new puppy, I’m starting to understand what it’s like to be woken up in the middle of the night to tend to someone else’s needs! 🙂

  2. couldn’t have said it better:)

  3. Poppy says, He and Nanna hope you keep taking those jeans off on a regular basis ….+


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