i watched the elimination episode of “so you think you can dance” this afternoon.  this is what i have to say:

I CANNOT STAND THE PUSSYCAT DOLLS.  who the heck was tipping them in a stripclub and decided that they should be pop singers?!  i seriously hope they don’t consider themselves artists.  in my opinion, all they’re good at is making young girls think that it’s cool to dance and dress like a prostitute.  the main reason it annoys me so much that they were on the show is because my daughter likes the show.  granted, right now harper is two and has no idea what modesty is, but if she were 6 or 8 watching the show with me, i would have a HUGE problem with her seeing them perform.  i would never want her to see/listen to them period, much less it be on a “family” show.  ugh.  might as well just take her to a dadgum stripclub. 

sidenote:  i think my favorites on the show so far are chelsea t., kherringon, and twitch; although i really enjoyed every minute of every couple!


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