i don’t feel that it’s fair to waste space using words that my heart is not into.  🙂  in other words, it’s 11:14 pm on day 3 of my “blog every day for a week” challenge and i have nothing interesting to talk about.  i am super tired and even if i tried to write something profound, i know it would turn out weird.  so, i will spare my readers the wasted time and save my words for tomorrow…when, hopefully i’ll have thought of something fun/interesting/controversial to write about.  i didn’t forget about blogging until now, i was just waiting ALL day for something to come to mind that was blog-worthy.  i got nothin.

i just watched the jon&kate+8 episode where they went to disney.  too cute.  (actually, come to think of it, if i had a laptop, maybe i would be posting an interesting blog right now because then i could’ve been working on it while watching the show…which i know is what most of you do.)


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  1. I think you should start having people give you ideas of things to blog about… I’ll start.

    My 3 suggestions are:
    *best job you’ve ever had in your life and why?!
    *if you had the money, time, and a babysitter where would you travel to? (distance isn’t an issue either!)
    *you win the BIG lottery, you have to give 30% of your winnings away to 3 separate non-profits (10% each), who would they be? What would you do with the other 70%?

  2. p.s. I love Jon and Kate + 8 too! 🙂

  3. hmmm..I think you should share 2 items you can not live without!

  4. I like Heather and Kathleen’s ideas! I think you should go through the alphabet and say things you like. That would give you 26 posts! Oh wait…you did that already. 🙂

    You could also share fav recipes or fav websites.

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