so after last night’s pseudo-post, i had some comments with ideas for things i can write about.  first was my friend heather in california.  she posed three questions.  here they are, along with my answers:

*best job you’ve ever had in your life and why?!  well, i guess the answer would depend upon what you define a “job” to be.  if a job is something you get paid to do, then i would definitely say that my 4 years teaching art (k-5/1st) and PE (4th-9th girls) was the best job ever.  not only was i doing something i loved, but the school i taught at was absolutely awesome.  i hardly ever miss “working”, but when i do, it’s because those people became like my family (students and fellow teachers alike).  if getting paid isn’t a factor in defining a “job”, then my favorite job would be the one i have now.  i LOVE being completely responsible for the rearing of my child day-to-day.  are there days when i badly need a break?  yes.  are there times when i feel like i’m no good at my “job”?  YES.  however, i truly feel that this is what the Lord has called me to and what he wants my life to be right now, and i’m thankful for that.  (maybe someone should ask me this question again after i have TWO to chase around…) 
*if you had the money, time, and a babysitter where would you travel to? (distance isn’t an issue either!)  australia, for sure, but it couldn’t be for a while because i’d want at least 2 weeks there and i would not want to be breastfeeding a baby or pumping at anytime during the trip.
*you win the BIG lottery, you have to give 30% of your winnings away to 3 separate non-profits (10% each), who would they be? What would you do with the other 70%?  not sure what “big” means, but i’m assuming it’s millions…  first 10% would go to my church, next would be sent to china to help the earthquake victims (obviously, that’d be if i won like today), and the last 10% would probably be sent to a pregnancy center/organization.  with the other 70%, i would buy a big strip of land somewhere on the atlantic, and put a big house on it.  i would set money aside for my kids’ college.  i would probably also use some of the money to adopt at least one kid.  i would spend alot of it on plane tickets to visit my family and friends who live far away (or to fly them to visit me).

my friend kathleen said this: I think you should share 2 items you cannot live without!  hmmm…this is hard because you weren’t very specific…  are we talking hygiene items, like things i would take if i went on “survivor”?  if so, my answer would be toothbrush and toothpaste.  if we’re talking about two items in my daily life, i’d say my computer and my refrigerator.  if we’re talking about things i would grab to take with me if my house were on fire: my computer (the CPU) and harper’s memory box.

amy said that i could share favorite recipes or websites…  honestly, i don’t use recipes all that much and when i do, i always have to embellish or change them somehow because i hardly ever have all the “required” ingredients.  last night we had shrimp fettucine alfredo, which was super easy and turned out pretty good.  here’s what i did:  cook the fettucine (at least 10 minutes, unless you want it al dente).  in a skillet, melt a stick and a half of butter with 2 cups of heavy cream.  stir on medium heat for 3-5 minutes.  when the pasta has been drained, put it in the skillet with the sauce and coat.  while the sauce is cooking, get out another skillet and put a tablespoon or two of olive oil in it.  add the shrimp (peeled, but you can leave the tails if you want).  next pour a little lemon juice (probably a tablespoon) and some minced garlic (maybe a clove).  toss the shrimp until they are opaque (i.e. pink and not gray).  be careful not to overdo them…tough shrimp are gross.  while the shrimp are cooking, pour about 1/2 cup (or whatever your tastes are) of grated parmesean cheese onto the pasta and toss (the sauce should’ve thickened by now).  place the shrimp on top of the pasta and…voila!  enjoy.  [to my husband’s credit, we were going to grill the shrimp, but when he figured out we were out of propane, he came up with the lemon/garlic combo.] 

as far as my favorite websites go, i would probably just say that i really enjoy reading other people’s blogs…that’s where i spend most of my free time on the internet.  i love jumping from one blog to another to another and just reading about people’s daily lives.


well, i guess that does it for today.  thanks girls!  🙂  i was going to write a post about “so you think you can dance”, but maybe i’ll wait until tomorrow…that way i can reflect on tonight’s elimination.


2 Comments to “thursday”

  1. great job! love the looong post. and if you build a big house on the atlantic somewhere, feel free to fly me to you if it’s not near where i live. 🙂

  2. I would have to agree on the other people’s blog thing I can get really lost in blog land:)

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