day 2 and already i have nothing profound to blog about (because comparitively, all my previous blogs have most certainly been profound)…  here are some random thoughts so that i can say i blogged today (as part of my week-long self-challenge):

  • i recorded nashville star last night and watched it for about a half hour today while i was eating my lunch.  never seen it before and i was just curious.  all i have to say is: billy ray cyrus needs to LAY OFF THE FREAKIN’ FLAT IRON.  his hair looks like hay…the kind that horses eat.  also, i think it is pretty lame that he’s totally riding his daughter’s coattails.  also, taylor swift is a DOLL.  is it bad that she’s like 13 years younger than me and i pretty much want to be her?
  • tonight was session #3 of our beth moore “believing God” study.  she is SO GOOD.  so easy to listen to/watch…very profound and well-spoken, yet super down-to-earth and easy to grasp.  lovin’ it so far and i know it’s only going to get better.
  • i had to spank harper tonight because she chose (YET AGAIN) to scream relentlessly when we put her to bed.  luckily, it only took one hard smack to do the trick (i pulled down the PJ pants and everything).  i feel like she woke up one morning about 10 days ago and realized, “hey, i’m TWO now.  how cool am i?  i can do whatever i want.”
  • i LOVE ice cream.
  • i got my sweet husband an skateboard for his birthday (which was this past sunday).  we don’t get each other gifts very often…usually just cards, but he turned 30, so i thought that justified something special.  i was SO excited to give it to him and couldn’t wait to see how he’d react (we did a bunch of stuff on friday and saturday for his birthday with his family, so i know he wasn’t expecting anything else).  he loves it and has already used it twice.  yay!!
  • went to the baby doctor today…my last appointment without having to be “officially” examined…as in…um…internally.  darn.  the highlight of the appointment was at the very beginning: one of the receptionists told the other one my name…as in, she knew who i was!  shocking!  i was sincerely excited (is that really sad?).

2 Comments to “hmmm…”

  1. I saw Nashville star for the first time the other night also…ahhh take or leave it. Also I spotted a grammatical error on this post but I think it would be more fun not to tell you what it is! 🙂

  2. you are so cute. and, i agree about “achy breaky heart’s” hair…PLEASE tell me if mine ever ends up looking like that. 🙂

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