“i’m gonna let it shine…”

one of the reasons i love our pastor is because he’s so easy to pay attention to.  he speaks in plain english, has alot of great illustrations, and basically is hardly ever boring.  however, yesterday during an interesting message about the sower and the seed, my mind began to wander.  my mind began to wander because there is a very distracting baby in my belly.  this baby is SO active and likes to do jazzercise pretty much anytime i’m sitting or lying down.  as the baby was moving, i took my husband’s hand and put it on my belly, like i do pretty often.  i started thinking about the reason for this (why i always want ryan to feel the baby moving)…  i think it must be because i think it is so neat to feel the baby move (she’s obviously getting stronger and bigger everyday) and since it’s his baby too, i just want him to experience it with me.  it’s not just ryan, though.  pretty much anytime i feel the baby move alot and there are other people around, my first instinct is to want to take the other person’s hand and place it on my belly.  simply put: i want them to feel what i’m feeling. 

it hit me like a brick in the face yesterday that this is the attitude we should have about having Christ in our lives.  when we feel the Holy Spirit move in us or when we know the Lord is doing a certain work in our life, our first instinct should be to want to share it with others.  for me, this hardly EVER happens.  i hardly ever share about how God is working in my life, much less it be an immediate “instinct” for me to want to tell others.  come to think of it, just the joy of our salvation alone should be enough for us to want to scream with a huge grin in the face of all those we come in contact with. 

ouch.  i hate it when i realize something like that. 


2 Comments to ““i’m gonna let it shine…””

  1. I always feel the same way (the God part, not the pregnant part) when I call a bunch of people to tell them about a great sale. I mean…really? Is a sale more important than the wonderful tales we could be telling about God? I think not. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. So true…good insight. ps. I LOVED his message yesterday..I thought it was GOOD stuff!

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