a day in the life

i’m going to post what is a “typical” daily schedule for me.  i would love it if people would comment back with their daily timeline or if you would post it on your blog…  (so, i guess i’m “tagging” all my friends/readers to do this too.)

7:30 – wake up.  make the bed, then i either shower, turn on the computer, or work on my Bible study

8:00 – harper wakes up.  i get her out of bed, put her on the potty (as of this past week), then she sits on the couch to watch tv.  i get her some juice & i get me some juice.  usually around this time i’ll start dishes or a load of laundry or both.

8:30 – eat a bowl of cereal and give harper a bowl of fruit or cereal or both to eat on the couch.  don’t hate me because i’m lazy.  (to my credit, i do make us a hot breakfast – eggs and sausage – like once  week.)

9:00 – we usually leave around this time for out morning activity (errands, the pool, the beach, the library, etc…).  we typically don’t come home until around noon or so…  if we don’t leave until 10:00, i will work on my daily “chores” or we’ll just play in harper’s room.

12:00 – lunch (if we don’t get back until closer to 1:00 because we’re out somewhere, i’ll usually have packed a lunch for us to take)

12:30 – read books and get ready for harper’s nap

1:00 – i attempt to put harper down for her nap (she’s unfortunately starting to fight it pretty hard).  during her nap, i’m on the computer most of the time.  this is when i do 99% of my editing and design work.  if i don’t have “work” to do, i go through my e-mail, write a blog, read other people’s blogs, or put receipts into quicken.  i also do alot of laundry folding.  every now and then i take a short nap (although if i nap during the day, i usually don’t sleep too well that night, so i don’t nap unless i don’t feel good.)

2:45 – harper is usually awake around this time with a dirty diaper.  i change her pants and then gate her into her room for about 45 minutes.  she plays and reads while i do whatever i need to get done (which could mean finishing stuff on the computer, doing laundry, or just picking up around the house)

3:30 – this is where it changes every day…sometimes we walk to the playground, sometimes we walk to the pool, sometimes we go to the beach, and at least once a week this time is used for the grocery store.

5:00 – i turn on “little bear” for harper so i can do a final “walk-through” of the house before ryan gets home.  i hate it when he comes home before everything is picked up.  i also try to get dinner started so that we can eat by 6:00.

5:30 – daddy gets home.  we play around the house.  sometimes harper and i do bubbles outside so daddy can unwind for a few minutes.

6:00 – dinner (typically a 3-course gourmet feast.  hahahahahaha)

6:30 – harper’s bath

7:00 – harper reads books with daddy

7:30 – harper in bed.  after she’s down every night is different.  sometimes we watch a movie, sometimes we catch up on recorded DVR shows…sometimes i iron or fold clothes while ryan watches soccer. 

10:00 – time to sleep!



5 Responses to “a day in the life”

  1. Can’t wait to see how this changes when #2 arrives!

  2. ok…this is three posts in one day…this doesn’t mean that you can skip other days in your challenge, right?

  3. I was going to post my typical day but I realized its almost identical to yours:) Maybe I should just tell people to refer to your blog for my typical day.

  4. I’ll post something on my blog!


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