i’ve really been slacking on posting pictures.  first, this past saturday night, some of our good friends had a “baby-q” for us (basically a uni-sex baby shower).  we had a great time.  danny, one of our gracious hosts, got a killer HUGE meal from california pizza kitchen (who knew they do catering?!).  the food was amazing.  we ended up not doing too much, but it was so nice.  basically, the girls just sat around and talked while the guys watched ultimate fighting.  who could ask for more?  🙂  we didn’t take many pictures, but here are two of me and my good pal amy (the other host):



two weeks ago my friend kathleen and i took our kids to the zoo.  it was SO flippin’ hot and humid, but we were only there for about 2 1/2 hours, so it was fun.  sad to say that probably the most fun harper had was sitting on a STATUE of a turtle.  go figure.



i thought this was hilarious that she went and posed in front of the tiger.  because the petting zoo was dirty sand, and mommy we both had on flip-flops, mommy decided we would pet the goat through the fence.

they have a big play fountain at the zoo.  when we were there it was mostly populated with loud, “big” kids, but harper and jonas managed to fight for their own sprayer.


back up to the beginning of May and we took a trip up to New Smyrna.  ryan’s parents rented a condo for everyone for 5 days.  it was extremely relaxing (for me at least…harper’s the only grandchild), a great location, and we had great weather.  harper is definitely a florida water/beach girl (thank goodness!)…  (these pictures were taken by my sister-in-law…i pretty much forgot my camera existed that week)


the morning that we left for the beach, ryan went in to get harper out of her crib, and this is what he found(apparently the night before when we put her to bed, a pen had fallen out of ryan’s shirt pocket…i’m just glad it wasn’t a sharpie):


3 Comments to “rewind.”

  1. I Love the New Smyrna Pics!! and I can’t believe that she ONLY wrote on her legs!

  2. ok…i seriously look pregnant. yikes. i am going to work out right this second (i really am). can you email those pics of me and you? por favor? i love all the other pictures too. the lion one is hilarious. so is the pen/crib one. love them!

  3. I love Amy and Katie and Harper and Ryan too! : ) Your pictures make me miss you all…

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