this is my second pregnancy.  i like being pregnant…for the most part.  granted, both my pregnancies have been pretty amazing…no nausea or diabetes or any health problems, really.  here are some reasons why i enjoy being pregnant:

  • people are nice to you all the time (this is sometimes annoying because you know that if you weren’t pregnant, they wouldn’t have done whatever nice thing it was)
  • you look cute in pretty much anything (people have complimented me in a bathing suit that has a SKIRT attatched to it!)
  • getting to feel the baby move (i love it!  even though she does keep me up at night sometimes)
  • great hair (i only wash it every other day…and for some reason, this time around, i only have to shave my legs like every 10 days!)
  • you’re supposed to eat like 6 times a day (no one thinks twice if they see you eat every two hours)
  • it’s a good excuse to buy new clothes

some not-so-great things about it:

  • heartburn (EVERY night, no matter what i eat)
  • can’t really excercise… (well, i can’t run and that’s my favorite.)
  • having to get up during the night to pee (although i think the Lord was smart when He thought of this…it’s good training for when you’re nursing a newborn at 3 AM)
  • vericose veins.  EW.  i hate them and i get a new one like every week.
  • you have to somehow get the baby out.  not looking forward to that part.

5 Responses to “expecting.”

  1. you are a hot pregnant girl and don’t let anyone tell you any different.

    now i am wondering…get pregnant or get laser hair removal so i don’t have to shave?!? 🙂

    and, really? a bathing suit with a SKIRT?! this i HAVE to see!

  2. Hey there is nothing wrong with skirt attached to a bathing suit:)

  3. and just to clarify…for anyone that doesn’t know me well the “getting pregnant” comment was a JOKE. 🙂

  4. I know what you mean about people going out of their way to help you. It’s like they assume that pregnancy makes you dissabled or something. The janitor at my school threw a fit because I opened a window! Oh well, it is nice being taken care of. And the eating thing–I wish that stuck around longer!


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