As Martha would say….

some “GOOD THINGS” going on in my life right now:


Just finished watching “Gone Baby Gone“.  i really really liked it for several reasons:  not what you’d expect from a so-called kidnapping movie, really good acting, makes you think (serious moral dilemma).  good job, ben affleck (you’re a much better director than you are an actor).  has anyone else seen this and care to comment on it?


went to Chick-Fil-A in the mall for lunch today and discovered two more amazing things to love about them.  they are seriously THE BEST “fast food” company…by far.  1) if you want to, you can trade a kids’ meal toy in for an ice cream cone or cup  2) free sandwich coupons (which we happen to have a bunch of right now) can be exchanged for anything of equal or lesser value OR can be used as a credit towards purchase of another menu item   WHAT?!  seriously, if there is anyone who’s ever been unsatisfied after giving their money to a chick-fil-a, they deserve a slap across the face.


last night a small group of girls got together at my house to start a beth moore Bible study, “Believing God“.  i’ve done a few of her studies, but it’s been a few years…man, she sucks you in right from the first time she opens her mouth.  it is so awesome to learn from someone who has so obviously been given a great gift and who also obviously LOVES using that gift.  the study is based on discovering and taking part in our own personal “promised land”, which is the place where our theology and reality meet.  the study will go 9 weeks and i only have like 7 1/2 weeks left until my due date, so hopefully the baby doesn’t take anything away from what i’m sure will be a great time of spiritual learning and fellowship.  i’m starting my first day of “homework” tomorrow and i’m really excited.  i know somebody wants to say “amen!” right now.


i sold a stroller on Craig’s List today for $50.  i’m excited about that for 2 reasons: 1) i like money.  2) it is taking up alot of space that we DON’T have.  anyone want to buy a dining set for $850…


several days ago, i did a post on Bob & Dawn, some friends of mine who let me take their engagement pictures.  well, they also let me design their wedding invitations (with their input, of course).  the printed invites came in the mail today, and – WHEW! – they look good.  this was my first experience printing wedding invites online and i was a little nervous.  here’s the invite: 



4 Comments to “As Martha would say….”

  1. you are cool. can we be friends? not just blog friends, but real life friends? 😉

  2. Poor Jonas he is never going to get a chick-fil-a toy again!

  3. Andrew and I thank you for your constant Chick-fil-a advocacy 🙂

  4. I should totally have gotten credit for the chick-fil-a trade in discovery! But mentioning me in two blogs might be a little much.

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