“Don’t make me count to three…”

i just started this book by ginger plowman.  it’s actually my second time starting it…the first time i read a few chapters and then the book got shoved under my bed and i forgot about it.  my sweet sister-in-law julie gave it to me last year.  i am usually REALLY bad at reading books with no plot or “story”…in other words, i very rarely can read books containing instruction or inspiration for our daily lives (except for the Bible…all the others seem super boring for some reason).  so far i’m really enjoying it.  plowman is obviously someone with a great sense of humor and doesn’t at all come across as “holier than thou”.  the basic idea of the book is that we should train the hearts of our children through biblical teaching, instead of just correcting them when they do wrong.  in other words, we should explain to them why what they did was a mistake, draw out the issues of a sinful heart, and explain to them how the matter could’ve been handled differently.  so far i’ve been really challenged to memorize scripture, because it obviously can be a great tool when trying to “instruct”.  i’m just about halfway through, so i’ll try to remember to do a full review when i finish, but so far i highly recommend it.  she has referenced several other Godly authors and this is an excerpt that i thought was really smart (written by tedd tripp, it has to do with what to do when two children are fighting over the same toy):

” ‘Who had it first?’ is an issue of justice.  Justice operates in the favor of the child who has the quicker draw in getting the toy to begin with.   If we look at this situation in terms of the heart, the issues change.  Both children are displaying hardness of heart.  Both are being selfish.  Both chilren are saying, ‘ I don’t care about your happiness.  I am only concerned about myself.  I want this toy.  I will have it and be happy regardless of what that means to you.’   In terms of issues of the heart, you have two sinning children.  Two children preferring themselves to the other.  Two children who are breaking God’s law.”



2 Comments to ““Don’t make me count to three…””

  1. That makes alot of sense.

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