bob & dawn

about 10 days ago i had the fun opportunity to do an engagement session with my friends bob and dawn.  i had been dying to do some photos on worth avenue on palm beach and they didn’t have any specific location in mind, so i got my wish.  they are a fun, great looking, Godly couple and i wish them all the happiness in the world.  they are very well-matched and it was really fun to watch them together. 

(their wedding is august 3rd.)




a few months ago i started experimenting with a black background…in the right light, it looks great.  since using the black background i’d had the idea to do a “photobooth” during a session, but hadn’t yet had a chance to try it.  bob and dawn were gracious enough to oblige me and i think they came out cute.  we just sat them in front of the background, i tried not to change the placement of the camera, and i counted to three about 6 times.  every time i got to “3”, they would pose like they were in a photobooth.


4 Comments to “bob & dawn”

  1. The pictures are so good. I am helping them put together a book for the wedding and I am seriously having a hard time choosing which ones to put in the book!

  2. i love the one of their feet on the stairs. 🙂

  3. The shots on “Worth Ave” were good! Although I couldn’t really tell they were at “Worth Ave.”, or Interstate 95.

    Was all the anticapation and excitement really “Worth it” ?

  4. These are really cute Katie. Looks like it was a lot of fun.

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