The Office<br /> <br /> "Goodbye Toby" Season Finale

finally a season finale i can applaud!  i loved it.  i’ve written 3 posts already today, but i couldn’t resist commenting…  i loved the beginning, the middle, the end…all of it!  i’m pretty sure the point of a season finale is to wrap up one season and already get you hooked for the next, and this episode definitely accomplished that.  when it was over my belly hurt from laughing.  seriously, the whole thing with holly thinking kevin is “slow” was SO stinkin’ funny.  i would love to know whose idea that was…  whoever those writers are, they are so great.  i love how they make it hysterical, but at the same time heartwarming…like who can’t wait for next season to see michael and holly get together (yoga/yoda)?!  also, i loved the ending with angela and dwight…i’d said to my husband not 30 seconds before that they there was no way andy and angela would get married and that she and dwight would definitely get back together.  🙂  also, how perfect would it be if jim got ryan’s job in new york?!


3 Comments to “yay!”

  1. It was a good one! I felt so cheated this season I mean it seems like the season just started…dang writers strike!!!

  2. it was a great one, but i was sooooo annoyed that andy spoiled jim’s big proposal. but i hadn’t thought about jim getting ryan’s job! that WOULD be perfect!!!

  3. i agree, great episode. is michael scott not the creepiest guy in tv history? good thought on jim in ny, it would make sense with pam doing the design school thing there also.

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