one happy dork

so, today is a good day.  my daughter fell asleep successfully for the second time without her binky…she had a hard time, but she did it.  also, i hit the JACKPOT in the maternity section at Goodwill today.  i’ve had some requests for a belly shot, so i thought while i was at it, i’d post pictures of the great clothes i bought today.  🙂  i felt so stupid taking pictures of myself…even more stupid when i had to call my sweet husband to ask him how to use the remote for the camera.  🙂  (disclaimer: i am very aware of how bad the lighting is in these pictures)

so, here’s the belly shot:

and here is a better view of items #1 & #2: some liz lange jean shorts and a cute shirt from forever 21

item #3: a pair of old navy light colored maternity jeans (a rarity)

[they have a cute pattern on the elastic part…that’s why i lifted up my shirt a little bit]

item #4: an adorable pair of liz lange green gauchos (khaki material).  i actually found these on the rack next to the dressing rooms…who would put those back?!

lastly, item #5: a great fitting pair of jeans from motherhood.  obviously from the picture, you can tell i think they make my butt look good.  🙂

i scored ALL of these 5 items for just $17.20!!!  That is the price of what one pair of maternity shorts would be had i bought them somewhere for full price.  woo-hoo!  (and since harper took awhile falling asleep, i still had the time to take the pictures, try on the clothes, upload the pictures, and post this blog!)

i am one happy pregnant dork.


10 Comments to “one happy dork”

  1. Thanks for the belly shots. You are looking real shapely …

    Shake that bootie girl ….. showing off those jeans.

  2. uh dad, i’m not sure dads are supposed to ever say “shake that bootie” to their daughters.. 🙂

  3. That is hilarious the poses and your dad telling you to shake your bootie. Ha!

  4. you crack me up…and your butt looks great in those jeans! you don’t look pregnant from behind. 🙂

  5. amy, that is seriously the best compliment a pregnant girl can get. 🙂

  6. You look so cute! And what great deals!!! Good shopping. And I agree…with the dark jeans, from the back, it doesn’t look like you are even pregnant!!! I like the green gauchos too!

  7. okay AP stole my comment. I was going to say your arse looked hot and that you didn’t look prego either. So are you selling these clothes on ebay? It would appear so with your face cut off. Don’t hide the face! I heart it!

  8. Did AP actually mean your “behind” doesn’t look pregant?

  9. haha this post is so funny… and so something that i would do… you know you had to be thinking of me when you did it!!! i love it, and you look AMAZING!!!! i love you… even if you are a fashion nerd!

  10. Wow! Cute clothes, and you look awesome! Pregnancy definitely treats you well. Seeing your new maternity clothes almost makes me want to get pregnant so I can borrow them! (keyword–ALMOST)

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