okay i just have to vent (isn’t that what a blog is for?) about how much i miss running!!  i am 30 weeks pregnant and all i can think about is that 6 week mark after the baby is born so i can go jog a mile.  it’s not because i feel fat (although i’m not loving this “soft” feeling), it’s because i’m addicted to the sweat, the pain, the hard breathing of running.  to quote myself for a previous post: “i love the taste of lactic acid in my mouth, the sound of my breathing, and the feeling of getting that second wind.  i pray the Lord keeps my body healthy so i can run for a long, long time.”

everytime i’m driving and see someone running on the side of the road i am super jealous.  the only “cardio” i’ve been able to do has been swimming, but i don’t really like it because you don’t sweat…plus i need alot of practice on getting my head out of the water to breathe. 


5 Comments to “:(”

  1. Yea me too …. You do know you come by that addiction honestly, don’t you?

  2. yup. thanks for passing it down!

  3. Can’t relate to this at all but I must say I LOVE all the blogging you did today, you should blog like this more often, I like it:)

  4. KATIE
    WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU. You are jeleous when you see someone running outside in the florida heat???? You are a true athelete my friend!!

  5. Hey Kate, as a fellow runner who is pregnant, I feel your pain. I have been measuring running routes in the new city we just moved to – as if I could go running right now. I have all of them written down, with mileage, so that as soon as I can, I’ll be out there again. I can’t wait..

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