sometimes it’s embarrassing…

to be this spoiled/American.  although we’re not the only country who consistentely comes up with absolutely ridiculous products, i’m sure we’re on the top of the list.  i saw an ad for these things in a martha stewart magazine the other day and couldn’t help picturing it as a joke…an SNL skit or something.  these are cat treats with a hollow inside so that you have a place to put their pills.  what the heck happened to wrapping it in a piece of cheese, or even – imagine this – shoving it down the animals’ throat?

i often wrestle with my living in such a privileged culture when i’m trying to buy toothpaste and can’t decide between the 100 different kinds, but toothpaste is something we NEED.  seriously, if you’re out there and you’re actually spending $5 on these things…go buy some velveeta instead. 

[and, if you’re wondering, NO – i do not subscribe to martha stewart.  i was waiting on some things to be printed at office depot and it was the only non-business magazine they had.]


One Comment to “sometimes it’s embarrassing…”

  1. the kind of people that buy these are the kind of people that give their animals prozac!!

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