sentiment, not profit

i am a person who hates being forced to do something for no reason.  i am also a person who, when asked to do something i didn’t want to do, has been known to research the reasons for the request. 

i hate mother’s day.  there, i said it.  don’t get me wrong, i don’t hate the concept of mother’s day at all.  i love my mothers and i definitely feel that they should be honored.  as a mother, i definitely feel like there should be some credit due at some point during the year (or week!).  i hate mother’s day because in our culture we are so enveloped by slogans and ads that we feel quilty if we don’t oblige.  wouldn’t all the mothers in america rather be randomly and thoughtfully appreciated instead of receiving forced praise and mass-produced flower arrangements on the same day as every other mother?  as a mother, i know i would prefer the former. 

the fact is, as mothers, we should not expect appreciation or gratitude.  we should strive to be the best mother we can be because that is what’s best for our children and that is what the lord expects after bestowing such incredible gifts upon us (our children).  my two year old doesn’t know to tell me thank you for being such a good mom…she does it without trying when she randomly uses manners or gives me a spontaneous hug. 

granted, i’ve only been a mom for two years.  maybe i’ll feel differently when my kids are bratty teenagers who barely speak to me.  sorry if i offended anyone.  i’m NOT saying not to buy your mother a mother’s day gift or send her flowers, just do it when she doesn’t expect it…she’ll feel EXTRA special and appreciated.

i did some reading about mother’s day and thought this was funny:  first of all, mother’s day started as just a church service that was honoring to mothers.  secondly, the gal who lobbied to have mother’s day be made into an official holiday (Anna Jarvis) has been quoted as saying, “I wanted it to be a day of sentiment, not profit.”

[incidentally, i feel the same way about valentine’s day.  i think that’s why my husband proposed to me on that day.  ha!]


2 Comments to “sentiment, not profit”

  1. I am afraid for you safety you should stay indoors for a couple days 🙂 jk…love how you tied the last line into your title so writerish…is that a word??

  2. Happy Mother’s Day 🙂

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